HTC teases something incredible for next week, it's the Droid Incredible 4G LTE

We've gone hands-on with it; we've compared it to the HTC EVO 4G LTE plus, Verizon and HTC have made it official. Now it looks as though we may actually see the Droid Incredible 4G LTE finally land into some consumers hands according to a tweet sent out by HTC.

Next week, we've got some special fun headed your way. We hear it's going to be INCREDIBLE. 

We don't think we're reading into it too much here, so if you had your eyes and heart set on the Droid Incredible 4G LTE you only have a few more days to wait and then you can give one a home. Any takers? Specs can be found here if you're looking for them.

Source: @HTCUSA

  • Rezound part 2
  • Have a hard time imagining someone getting this rather than s3 unless they are le petite phone people. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • How about update the rezound , EVO3d and other phones first?
  • This phone has far better hardware than the rezound, evo3d, and in some specs the razor and galaxy nexus
  • This needs to be priced at 99 if they want to sell it. Should've renamed the one x the incredible 4g
  • Agreed. I would definitely reconsider my SGIII purchase if this drops at $99 but only if I get an ironclad promise that it will also run Jelly Bean. $199 seems a ridiculous price for this not-really-a-OneX-phone.
  • Not so "incredible" compared to the Evo LTE, the One X, and the SIII. Just saying.
  • HTC promised they would stop doing these little low def, low end phones. This won't sell even in the $99 closeout aisle.
  • Exactly
  • easily will be the worst selling Incredible phone of the 3
  • Yet it is going to be faster and better than any other phone on their network sans the s3. And its probably going to be far cheaper. If it doesn't sell well then its because people are ignorant
  • There is absolutely nothing incredible about this phone. Small old tech screen. Average speed CPU. No image sense camera processor. This is a lame excuse for a Verizon's version of the One series. Totally completely epic fail.
  • Holy logo. This phone is a billboard!
  • I already have this phone sans the 4G radio. Good grief, why even spend the money to develop this?
  • That is the most ugliest phone I have ever seen! My HTC One S looks a lot better.
  • Based on my experience with the Rezound, & HTC & Verizon's lack of care for the phone, I really could care less about this phone or any HTC phone again. Nexus now & forever from this phone forward (assuming Apple hadn't bribed the entire legal system to issuing a permanent ban on the existence of Google). Oh & no more Verizon-2nd-mortgage-on-my-house-to-pay-my-phone-bill contracts either.
  • I was excited for this phone until it was delayed and never had a release date. Then the S3 preorder came and about and well, sorry HTC, my Dinc2 is a wonderful phone but I don't want a Dinc2.5
  • Bash it all you want, haters, but this will probably be my next phone. The only thing the Rezound has on it screen resolution, everything else is a draw (camera) or a win for the DInc 4G LTE (processor & Sense 4.0). It's also a size that I prefer in the phone I use. I don't consider it a low end phone at all. I bet the phone will be as fast as he'll & battery life will be fantastic!
  • Seriously, I'm tired of people saying "Oh this phone isn't as good as SG3, One-X, etc. It's also not a 4.8" phone. My wife will be getting this phone likely on release day as she has small hands and prefers to use her phone with 1 hand. Giving her a 4.8" phone makes this impossible for her. She currently uses an incredible 2 and is happy with the size of the screen. Hell, I have bigger hands than her and I find anything larger than 4.3" screen size to be uncomfortable to use. One of the main reasons I went for the Rezound and not the Nexus (I waited for the nexus and went into Verizon on release day to see how it felt in my hands).
  • Very well said... My feels like exactly like yours.. 3.5" is plenty of screen for her.. And my 4.3 Droid Charge is not too bad either.. Not everyone is into the "wow" factor.
  • That's good and all that some people are getting what they need, but there are people who like HTC phones that want an up to date offering. We see everyone getting one x variants, and we get this? If this wasn't the ONLY new HTC offering from big V, it wouldn't be a big deal. All in all, its just a phone, but what a pathetic offering...
  • I think it's a great phone for those who want something smaller. I do think, however, it is overpriced. Why pay $149 to Verizon when you will be can get it for $99 or $49 from other vendors? Right now Wirefly and Let's Talk have great deals. Usually that means that Amazon is sure to follow.
  • but...but it is a DROID! yeah so what if it is the Rezound...IT IS A DROID..WAKE UP PEOPLE...a new DROID is Coming...
  • Man this phone would've been killer last year
  • +1 sir, exactly my thoughts
  • This phone is a month late. As a last "free" upgrade,maybe. Worth being moved to a ShareEverything Plan? No.
  • That's what annoying. They pushed this back so people couldn't get it before the 28th. They probably had this always scheduled for after they switched plans but made sure to just say coming soon. The S3 was probably going to be the same way, but with all the other carriers having a preorder date of June 6th they decided to let us preorder that,so people wouldn't switch carriers. It wouldn't surprise me if both of these phones were always set to be released after the shared data plans were active.
  • Well Said. And 100% Correct.
  • You can NOT have this phone priced at $199 with the SIII coming for the same price. $149 is more reasonable and $99 will flat out sell this thing.
  • rezound meet mini me!
  • Yep, held it in my hands today. Was in a demo mode but very nice manageable phone. Fits right in my pocket even with an otterbox on it. $149 after rebate on the 5th of July. Getting rid of garbage Droid RAZR.
  • Verizon should have named this the Rhyme 2.