HTC Tattoo to get Android 2.1

The HTC Tattoo, or we guess it's "the little Android device that could" now, is getting Android 2.1. Yep, the same Tattoo that comes with a small 2.8-inch (320x240) resistive touchscreen and a past its prime 528MHz Qualcomm Processor, will run the version of Android that is the envy of every device. HTC says (translated):

“Kindly note that now we understand that a phone running Android OS 2.1 is available that you are excited to get an update for your Tattoo. We are still working hard to Sense for building this new version but we expect to have the upgrade finished and ready to go soon.”

The HTC Tattoo, known more for its customization than specs, is currently the only Android phone available on Vodafone UK. And though it's just a low-end device, it's going to run Android 2.1 and HTC Sense. Not bad on paper. Not bad at all. [frandroid]

Casey Chan