HTC sues Apple again, this time with patents acquired from Google

Last month HTC sued Apple for patent infringement, which was one lawsuit among many in the tech world these days. HTC has now filed another lawsuit, but this time it's directly related to patents that the Taiwanese manufacturer acquired from Google recently.

HTC received nine patents from Google last year, many of which are now being used in the courts.

Three of the patents originally belonged to Openwave and are being used in a complaint with the International Trade Commission. Four were Motorola's before and are now being used by HTC in a suit in the federal court in Delaware. All of these are being directed at one company: Apple. This is most likely due to Apple being the first to shoot.

This is just another chapter in the ongoing patent war. Get comfy, because it's going to be a lengthy dispute. Stay tuned.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Booyaa! Paybacks are a...uh...something.
  • HAHA!!!!
  • Suck it apple! The suers are being sued :D
  • silly apple. you can't fight the world. better to make friends then enemies.
  • PISS on apple.. I love and support HTC only...
  • Nice to see that these companies won't just sit back and take apple's shit. Come on apple you wanna keep suing everyone over stupid cases? This is what you get.
  • By supporting Google you are supporting a company that sells you to advertisers! They copied the design of the iPhone along with Java code to bring its product to market. I have no respect for them. Thats why Google is trying to buy motorola is for its patents...hopefully its blocked because they don't deserve to have any patents because they never came up with any of the ideas, all they do is copy. If it wasn't for the iPhone we would all still be using Windows Mobile 6.1, Crackberries and Android Crackberry knockoffs.
  • lol you must not know apple's history
  • Hehe tell him !
  • You must not know Googles history!
  • Are you serious?! Don't get me wrong, I definitely realize what apple has done for the tech world. But your mind is definitely trapped in the Apple follower ignorance that "we" complain about. On the other note... isn't the iPhone just a simplified BB or WinMo device. You do realize that Apple has mastered the art creating good into pretty. Congrats Eric Schmidt and Co. Continue your world take over!
  • hey moron.
    what about web OS?
    that was there before Iphone.
    and what about my old LG viewty?
    it had a touch screen before the iphone existed. plus your resource is from a apple fan site.
    so it already flout
  • Maybe selective memory of the Apple crowd... How about the 2005 Sony Ericsson P910i based on Symbian? Do you notice how the entire Sony Ericsson brand is missing from the 'history of phones according to Apple'
  • fuck all u guys
  • Must have hit a sore spot for this fanboy/troller...
    Truth hurts! Get 'em HTC!
  • I don't see your point? Looks like a blackberry and looks like one.
  • What? Moron, Web OS came out way after the iPhone. John Rubinstein left Apple and lead the team for Web OS. I think it came out in 2009. While we are at it....Andy Rubin the brain behind Android also worked for Apple! The LG Viewty was released in late 2007 I think.
  • @ cashxx well he ment to say palm . Moron! Does that clarify it for yah
  • You forgot to claim that Apple invented the wheel, the Internet, and sex. Apple is nothing more than a company that puts existing things together in a pretty way. They're absolute masters of it, but to claim they innovated anything other than a process is just showing your absolute ignorance. Android did the same, but they did it better. That's why Apple's pooping their proverbial pants and trying to sue everything that moves. They're not innovative, and are losing to a company that is.
  • Apple had the first PC, Mouse, Printer, Laptop, True Smart Phone, first to push wireless, USB, LightPeak, etc. Apple does take some things and makes them better......look at the tablets, they have been out for years and have sucked. Look at the phones they have sucked for years and no one came forward and reinvented them, not until Apple did. Google copied to to get where they have gotten! The iPhone and iPad are completely different and how they ran like its products from other vendors before them. Android is a blatant copy of the iPhone, if you look at the pic I posted you can even see how they copied blackberry in the early days and then the iPhone was about to come out and they changed direction and made a copy of the iPhone.
  • "Apple had the first PC" ROFL.
    your being serious?
    i thought apple only made MAc's?
    apple worked so hard to not call them PC's. so why would you do now?
    and DOS even existed before IOS/MACos. so no.
    not first PC.
    "True Smart Phone"
    "first to push wireless"
  • PC stands for Personal
  • cashxxx,you moron. mac specifically diferentiates itself from a PC moniker. Thats the whole point of Apple products from the start. To be an alternative to IBM clones at the time. You moron
  • personal computer definition
    (PC) A general-purpose single-user microcomputer designed to be operated by one person at a time.
    This term and the concept has been successfully hijacked by IBM due to the huge market share of the IBM PC, despite its many obvious weaknesses when compared to other equally valid claimants to the term, e.g. the Acorn Archimedes, Amiga, Atari, Macintosh.
    (1994-11-02) personal computer 
    a microcomputer designed for individual use, as by a person in an office or at home or school, for such applications as word processing, data management, financial analysis, or computer games. Abbreviation: PC
  • The Altair was the first personal computer.
  • I dare you to go into a Best Buy and ask for an Apple PC. Watch how they look at you like you're an idiot.
  • DOS came out in November of 79 I believe, that was even before Microsoft bought it.......Apple II came out in June of 77. True Smart Phone? You call WIndows Mobile 6.1 a smart phone? It was horrible and not very powerful or usable. Blackberry is a joke and always was, I don't know how anyone uses them.
  • Still wrong. Look up the Xerox Alto.
  • You're right... They are all copies!!! If by "copy" you mean a rectangular device with a screen.. :P
  • LMFAO !!!! Jobs did a good number on this moron cashxx.. LOL
  • The first printer: The first mouse + extras: First Personal computer: (I know what they say, but personally I think it is the IBM 5100 The first smartphone:
    First smartphone: USB was invented by M-systems, an Israeli company Both Intel and Apple developed Light Peak Apple wasnt even close on the Laptop: I know your a troll, but I wanted to maybe show you how wrong you are
  • Well I guess I have to be specific..... I meant Apple was the first to mass produce and ship the products which is why I really didn't include the Apple I. Apple II was Apple's real mass produced computer that shipped and had a purpose. Lisa was the first for the GUI that was mass produced, I believe. The Laserwriter was one of the first mass produced laser printers, probably not the very first, but one of the first. Also helped start the beginning of desktop publishing. Same with the mouse, Xerox gave Apple engineers access to what they had and Apple took it and came out with the GUI and Mouse and still in use today. I said the iPhone was the first usable smartphone. That other trash before it was horrible and not powerful or usable enough to be called a true smart phone through my eyes. I didn't say Apple invented USB, they were the first to make it more public and mass produce it with the iMac. I'm sure other computers had it as well, but the iMac pushed it. Again with lightpeak I didn't say Apple made it they are the first to have it and mass produce it. Supposedly though I believe Apple holds the patent and it was rumored that Apple did in fact create it and had intel bring it to market. Thats still up in the air. The laptop I'm not sure what I'm thinking something with the laptop Apple was first with....maybe I'm thinking of the CDROM. So I'm not wrong.......just not specific enough and your just looking for things to find wrong in what I said.
  • There is so much misinformation and FUD I don't know where to start. How about this. Apple didn't promote USB. In fact, they were way late to the USB party. They were promoting Firewire. In fact, the first couple iterations of the iPod didn't even support USB at all and were Firewire only.
  • Cashxx you may want to look up the psychological term "confirmation bias" because you are a prime example. Sit down, take a deep breath and try reading some of the information presented to you in all of these posts. To dismiss real information and facts saying things "through [your] eyes" essentially don't count just because you dont like them does not refute anything. Why are you even here? Do you feel that justifying past purchases of apple products is the only way to sleep at night? If Android isn't your cup of tea then why bother other people? You come off as a uninformed person using your opinions for fact. I don't troll apple forums... probably because I was hugged enough as a child.
  • The "trash" you referred to did more of the tasks I need from a mobile device than the iPhone. Although WM is trashed continuously on the web, I had many WM PDA's / smartphones, and they all accomplished the tasks I needed, tasks that the iPhone cannot,. They also were very stable / reliable, needed resets no more often than my iOS, or Android devices. I respect that other users had less than stellar experiences with WM, but for me, it was an excellent platform.
  • Please stop spewing garbage. Search this: Xerox PARC
  • Wow!!! You don't support Google, you don't like Android...then why are you on this site same in the forums. Let me are a spy for Steve Jobs or maybe you just troll Android forums to defend apples honor. Check ya is the biggest copycat around..... need I quote herr jobs????
  • Wow!!! You don't support Google, you don't like Android...then why are you on this site same in the forums. Let me are a spy for Steve Jobs or maybe you just troll Android forums to defend apples honor. Check ya is the biggest copycat around..... need I quote herr jobs????
  • Is there an echo in here?
  • No, but I do see a troll.
  • Wow!!! You don't support Google, you don't like Android...then why are you on this site same in the forums. Let me are a spy for Steve Jobs or maybe you just troll Android forums to defend apples honor. Check ya is the biggest copycat around..... need I quote herr jobs????
  • This is a quietly brilliant response. You have hit on all the key points about Google and it's evil ways. I'm glad Apple is big and badass enough to put the screws to them over their deliberate copying and stealing of IP. I hope Apple crushes them out of existence. Stealing is not competing. Let real competitors take their place.
  • your defending the biggest thieves around.u
  • No we would be using Palm devices. They still hold the actual smart phone patents. Well HP does now nutty HP doesn't know what to do with that silly patent stuff. Leo the new CEO doesn't even know what he's doing to the company.. And why are you here anyways troll? Go find a bridge man. Lol
  • All that palm made was trash.
  • Compared to todays standards all previous smart phones are trash. But when they were released they were cutting edge. Without those old palm pdas and handspring devices we wouldn't be this advanced in the smart phone market. Those were the founding fathers of your precious iPhone and your nemesis Android. That's like you saying George Washington our John Hancock were trash because they don't have the same views of todays standards. Stop being an ignorant troll get a life and find someone that will hug you more. Enjoy life stop trying to force your church of apple preaching on us. I have no issues with apple besides their dictatorship way of doing business, I have no issue with google outside of they are the real life sky net,I have no issues with HP/palm just their new CEO that has no clue what he's doing and I have no issue with Microsoft besides their not consistent track record. See each company has its flaws but without the competition innovation comes to a halt. Why innovate if there is no one to try and out do? Common sense my man.
  • cashxx is nothing more than damage control
  • I hate how apple started this and now all the apple fan boys are like "google is bad and bababa". Sigh..
  • Waiting for Google to do the same for Samsung!
  • Why do apple fanboys come here I dont go to apple sites. I could care less about anything they do. I like android so I come here. I guess one phone gets real boring after some time.No custom roms every thing looks the same small screen underpowered no 3d options.Htc is my favorite android manufacturer so go get them
  • I have a Droid Incredible......just don't like Google, they are liars, copiers, sell outs, etc.
  • soo,why did you even bother buying a droid.why even bother using
    why even bother coming here if you hate google so much?
  • cashxx you really are incredibly stupid. Seriously just quit posting as a bit of advice to you and your integrity. Your wallowing in your own ignorance and please dont believe what you type. It may be too late. But really you are ignorant
  • My work pays for the phone.....I wanted us to move to the iPhone but Microsoft and Android fanboys had an excuse every year when we went to switch to another phone. After years of sucky windows mobile phones and blackberries I wanted us to switch to the iPhone. We couldn't because it was ATT only, and excuse after excuse. So I chose and pushed the Droid Incredible because and looked and worked like the iPhone, basically almost and exact duplicate.
  • If you think the Incredible is a copy of the iPhone you are more delusional than your earlier posts suggested.
  • My favorites are Samsung for their hardware and HTC for their sense UI but honestly like vanilla Android experience anyways. These are just my opinion based on my experience. If you even knew what the upcoming iOS looks like, you would be ashamed to be posting on here as a iPhone fan. If you don't even own nor use a iOS device.. You shouldn't be posting crap about how iPhone and Apple is better.
  • Hmm so I'm wondering how it is ok for apple to steal everything from open source like linux, and it is a great idea?
  • How did they steal it when its open source? They used the base of konqueror and made webkit and open sourced it along with Bonjour and launchd. Also bought out CUPS and its still open sourced to this day. They aren't completely closed. Plus I would rather use OS X than Linux, Linux has been out for how long and still the GUI's suck. Its great for servers, but that is about it. One thing I am mad about is Apple was supposed to open source FaceTime and still waiting to see that happen! Would be nice to see all vendors using FaceTime instead of each phone having there own thing happening and causing a big fragmented mess. I guess that is where Skype comes in, but it will probably go down the drain since Microsoft bought them.
  • Apple fanboys with silly postings.
  • Shame all you guys can do is call Apple people Apple Fanboys.......doesn't make us mad just shows how ignorant you Android Fanboys are.
  • It bothers your tribe......just admit it lol.
    Now go customize your Iphone.
  • Nope not at all......Don't have an iPhone.....use a droid incredible.
  • So your a Apple fanboy that uses a Droid
    Steve's not happy with you so be careful.
  • Google didn't copy anything. Apple yes made that piece of garbage Newton.. Palm turned around and made the concept work, palm then made the pda into a smart phone.. When apple made the iPhone it chopped palms design and made the os more fluid and have it a capacitive touch screen. Apple is infringing on a couple of palms patents.. I know i've seen the patents.. The major one is if you take the time to troll here then take the time to look at palms patent on phone interface with a pda. Look at the picture in palms patent. It is a identical match to the IPhones telephone screen.. Go ahead look it up it I'd public who is copying who?
  • claiming that anyone that disagrees with your distorted account of history is a fanboy can only illustrate how narrow minded you are being.
    Up until now we have had a technology industry that has constantly fed off of and improved upon existing ideas.
    Apple and Microsoft both fed off of eachother back in the early days of the PC.
    Apple were definitely beaten to the touchscreen smart phone by Sony Ericsson, by about 2 years.
    Apple were definitely beaten to the mp3 player by hundreds of companies, by several years.
    Linux doesn't have a GUI, it has several that you can choose from...just like Android. I've had most of these breakthrough phones. The first one that I actually felt made a breakthrough was my HTC hero with Android. Lots of choices...and I didn't need to have a PC to get it working or keep it up to date.
  • Are you that brainwashed by Google's marketing that you can't see the difference the iPhone has made to a,then, lackluster industry? You are a benefactor of Apple's iPhone and its innovations. All the predecessors to the iPhone were hoe-humm devices. The iPhone took the industry to its current level of competition. Google screwed its partners by giving them a tainted OS for free. The last time HTC bought patents to counter Apple's lawsuit, they were shown to be useless against iOS and later invalidated by the ITC. I'm still laughing. They spent $300mil for duds. Let's see how this new batch works out this time. LOL.
  • No they are Android Fanboys that are brainwashed by google.....they say that Apple fans are....but they just don't see it! If Apple screws up I will be the first one to put them down, but Google does no wrong and doesn't copy and isn't a sneeky lying company.
  • The difference is that we don't go trolling on iOS forums.
  • Most of Apple's bogus patents were invalidated as well. And BTW what innovations are you talking about? The only thing they brought to the masses was the webkit browser. Nothing else is innovative. Even the touchscreen technology existed before. They did a nice copy of the LG Prada's overall look - a phone that came out BEFORE the iPhone. Packaging something nicely is not innovation. And the original iPhone was a dud:
    -no exchange support
    -no 3d
    -no 3g
    -no App Store
    -Slow and buggy as hell. They did help to revive the consumer smartphone Market, true. But that's mostly because their drones will buy anything they create - even if it's Steve Job's log fished out of the toilet. When they spurred the market's growth, the competition dived in for a piece of the pie and now they're crying - well too bad.
  • The competition copied and dived in for a piece of the pie....correct!!
  • Um no, IOS is a simpleton OS that didn't have:
    -folder support
    -easy customization
    -a decent notification system
    -gestures before Android came along - so who's copying who? And IOS still lacks:
    -context menu support
    -support for Flash
    -a decent web browser (safari blows)
    -third party app support Sorry but IOS, while a pretty teeny bob OS designed for women and old folks, is still light years behind the competition.
  • Here ya go regurgitating the same old Android gibberish about Apple not being innovative. Every time I read that nonsense, I know that I've hit a nerve. Just like Google, you too like copying. Next time bring something original to the conversation.  Let me drop some knowledge your way! Google deliberately chose not to license the IP. It wasn't an over sight! They knowingly decided to include the IP in Android without getting permission from the IP owners. They then packaged it up real nicely and offered it as a free product to the suckers they call partners. They knew full well that it was tainted and could/would lead to this mess! They were lead by their greed, and if you think for a moment that the transfer of these patents to HTC is about Google all of a sudden catching religion and looking out for their suckers/partners; then you've been played. They knew they did the dirty and if HTC loses in court against Apple, they could be looking down the barrel of Apple's big gun. Google only cares about Google and this possibility has them scared to death! Andy Rubin must be smoking five pounds of weed just to get through the day about now. LOL Google is small stuff compared to Apple. Apple has more money, more patents, more experience, but more importantly they are a thoughtful company with wise leadership.  Things right now are not looking good for HTC and Samsung. I personally hope Apple will kill Google and Android so some real and honest competition will take its place. Right now Google and Android are a hindrance to true and honest competition in the mobile space. The sooner they're gone the better. 
  • You are a right piece of work arent you? You have everything backwards. Apple is a scum company like Microsoft never was. They almost went bankrupt, i wish they had. They are a horrible money grabbing company that treat their customers with contempt.
  • You've licked up Google's entire marketing message like an ice cream sandwich. Their dirty laundry is being aired during these trials and this company is proving to be as dishonest as they come. Worse than Microsoft in their heyday. The fact that anyone would continue to believe in them after the court revelations, is baffling to me. I think Apple, Oracle, Microsoft and any other company out there should sue the heck out of them until they stop stealing IP to give away.
  • Ice Cream Sandwich is the upcoming version of Android OS, why would we lick that? :p
  • *Sigh* Buy what you like, what is most useful to you. Do that an you shouldn't feel the need to justify it to anyone.
  • Agreed, its the copying that makes me agry!
  • There was no copying.
  • Then don't buy an iphone with its "new" notification bar, FOTA's and bigger screen!
  • hey cashxxx you may want to peep this,, its enough that if hp really wanted to be jerks could cause a ripple in the ENTIRE cell phone industry but this shows they are better then apple,, this is one of hundreds of Palms patents they have now,, as you can see here your beloved apple didnt innovate as much as you may think from reading apple and mac forums,, you may want to do a little more research outside of a biased forum,, just as this forum can be biased to android, crack berry is biased to black berry and precentral is biased to webos,, i got this off of pages that have no affiliation to any platform,, just look up u.s. patent numbers
    us7007239 Method and apparatus for accessing a contacts database and telephone services
    US7231208 User interface-technique for managing an active call
    US7231229 Communication device interface
    US7295852 Automated telephone conferencing method and system
    US7376846 Charging and communication cable system for a mobile computer apparatus
    US7503016 Configuration mechanism for organization of addressing elements
    US7555727 Integrated handheld computing and telephony system and services
    US7620407 Handheld threading these are just a few of palms patents that actually the iphone uses,, interesting when looking down the list hp has been renewing these patents. wouldnt be suprised if apple is licensing these patents out,, because microsoft started to license these patents last year,, which means google or the other phone manufacturers are probally licensing these out also,, so as you can see apple is not the big innovator like you say they are in the smartphone market,, actually it was palm,, this info is open public knowlage from the united states patent office,, took me a few minutes to find this,, just saying,,
  • Looks like a blackberry flip does this affect the iPhone?
  • What the hell are you talking about?
  • Cashxxx your not looking at the other patents out reading them.. Sorry some books don't have pictures out pop ups.. And you paid no attention to the interesting patents of how a phone is used on a personal computing device.. That one has pictures by the way and IPhones interface looks strikingly similar. I'm not a fan boy of any platform i'm a fan boy of tech. Obviously if i'm posting palm patents in an Android forum. You don't like google. Good for you.. Neither do I like allot of their practices.. Just as I also don't like apples dictatorship practices. If I buy a apple device that is my property I can do whatever I want with it. However of apple catches you well then not good things happen. WebOS is a nice operating system and Steve Jobs personally said that at one of key notes. However since HP bought palm the new CEO has not a clue what to do with it. And the hardware was very sub par. Windows phone 7 has a pretty user interface but they ate still lagging behind everyone except blackberry. Black berry is a joke.. They were good years ago but just like any tech the industry caught up and rim stopped innovating.. They have2 CEOs how are they supposed to get anything done. I have personally used all of these devices. recently I use a Nexus S... Why? Because it works and has features the iPhone doesn't have.. And the features iPhone has that Android doesn't have..well I don't use those features anyways. does my purchase of my nexus s support google? Unfortunately yes.. That's just life but you don't see me here defending Android.. This lawsuit had nothing to do with Android. It has to do with 2 phone makers. Speaking of silly law suits.. Apple is making themselves look bad by going after everybody. apple fired the first shots in the patent war. They started all of this.. And them going after Samsung is really still blowing my mind seeing as Samsung makes allot of the components for the iPhone. Your defending a company that don't care about what consumers want and don't even care about their business partners. They are just as bad as google. In the end people get the device they want. Just because you can't have your own personal cell phone account and rely on your business to pay your cell bills isn't anyone of or faults... Wait something just dawned on me.. You are on Android because that's what your job gives you.. So your not even on your own account.. Doing personal things. So you are borrowing from your company? Think about that and think about your reasons your on this troll tangent..
  • Good for HTC, I hate the broken patent system, but in the currect patent ecosystem each company has to play ball like this and I want HTC to continue to succeed.
    They make the most innovative smart phones, Android or otherwise, I bought an HTC after owning an iPhone a Samsung and seriously looking at Motorola and hating the UI.
    They make the most user friendly phones, as well as being fairly easy to customize.
  • I agree...I like HTC the best....the UI on motorola's stuff sucks. Really haven't messed with the samsung stuff.
  • I think Americans have a very twisted view of the smartphone market because of the lack of a strong Nokia in the US. Symbian was the first mass market smartphone OS, not iOS. They sold millions and millions of Symbians worldwide. Sure S60 wasnt touch enabled, but it was still smart and to this day sending a text via symbian is faster than any of the touch OSes. Please remember that the Q2 figures showed that Apple is still 3rd worldwide for smartphone sales. Nokia is still ahead. HOW is Apple revolutionizing the industry when its only 3rd, and still behind the company that was the market leader for almost a decade? Makes no sense to claim they changed the world or made smartphones popular, when the figures say otherwise. I dont care if you hate symbian or not, the facts are the facts, it was the revolution, not iOS. Google did not copy anything of Apples. Apple is well known for taking other peoples ideas and repackaging them. Most of its patents are pathetic and trivial and should never have been granted in the first place. Apple didn't invent or innovate any of the hardware in the iPhone or any other device its ever sold. The look of the iPhone wasnt new, or unique, just more typically bland Apple (and for me uglier, i hate its girly look). Nothing in the software is new. Winmo had an app list almost identical to iOSs method, symbian had a native app store. Both symbian and Winmo had vastly more features than iOS. Even now iOS lacks a lot compared to Winmo. Is iPhone easier to use, sure, but easy comes with its issues. Limited, closed, expensive, restricted, controlled, impersonal, generic.
  • + 1000!
  • When you attack the empire big G, the empire strikes back
  • HTC received means what? They purchased it?
  • Great comment! Finally a level-headed response to a troll. These Apple fanboys all sound like Christian funnymentalists, trying to spread the word of Jesu...I mean Jobs. I for one hope he dies soon...then I won't feel so "icky" that I bought a Mac LOL. Thank god I went with Android though for a phone.