HTC sues Apple again, this time with patents acquired from Google

Last month HTC sued Apple for patent infringement, which was one lawsuit among many in the tech world these days. HTC has now filed another lawsuit, but this time it's directly related to patents that the Taiwanese manufacturer acquired from Google recently.

HTC received nine patents from Google last year, many of which are now being used in the courts.

Three of the patents originally belonged to Openwave and are being used in a complaint with the International Trade Commission. Four were Motorola's before and are now being used by HTC in a suit in the federal court in Delaware. All of these are being directed at one company: Apple. This is most likely due to Apple being the first to shoot.

This is just another chapter in the ongoing patent war. Get comfy, because it's going to be a lengthy dispute. Stay tuned.

Source: Bloomberg

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Sean Brunett