Hooray! HTC Magic users will be glad to know that they'll be able to upgrade their devices to HTC Sense, the sexy, wonderful UI that have people going gaga over on the HTC Hero. If you've forgotten how lovely HTC Sense is, feel free to check out our coverage on what we feel is a major step forward for Android.

One bad thing though, this bit of news doesn't apply to T-Mobile myTouch 3G users. Due to licensing issues, the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and other Magics with the "with Google" branding won't be able to officially upgrade to HTC Sense. We're not exactly sure how the legalities work but it probably has to do with Google and T-Mobile not wanting non-Google/T-Mobile approved software floating around on their handets. Lame. There's always the good folks at xda for you though...

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But if you've got yourself a HTC Magic without Google branding, count yourself as one of the lucky ones. You'll be able to rock your device like the forthcoming HTC Hero. Kudos to you all.

[via gizmodo]