HTC Sensation now available from Vodafone UK

The wait is finally over, at least for Vodafone customers in the UK. HTC's new dual-core flagship phone, the Sensation, is now available to purchase from Vodafone UK. Pre-orders made over the past few weeks should also start arriving from today. The Sensation is available for free from Vodafone on 24-month contracts of £35 or more per month. On shorter or cheaper contracts, you can expect to pay between £100 and £200 up-front for the phone.

The Sensation boasts the most impressive hardware and software of any HTC device to date -- there's the brand new HTC Sense 3.0, running on a 960x540 display, powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. And of course you'll be running Gingerbread out of the box, too. If you're planning on picking up the Sensation, or its American cousin the Sensation 4G, then be sure to check out our hands-on coverage from last month's HTC Roadshow.

Source: Vodafone UK (opens in new tab)

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  • let's get that HTC Sensation Vs. Samsung Galaxy S2 comparison ASAP :D
  • Agreed.
  • nothing beat the sgs2.
  • i agree with you, but i'm curious by how much.
  • Been dying for that comparison.
  • me too.
  • SG2 vs Sensation WOULD be a good benchmark. If I am not mistaken it's got most of the internals of the EVO 3D which in turn has an MSM8660 which beats the Tegra 2 in the SG2. Source: Not sure why people think the SG2 beats the HTC EVO/Sensation performance wise at least.
  • SG2 doesnt use tegra 2, it uses samsungs own cortex A9 processor. samsungs is aloooot better than tegra 2, probably better than msm8660 as well.
  • SG2's in the U. S. wont use Tegra 2's. But ones outside the U. S. will and the ones that WILL be in the U. S. will use their Exynos chip which provides the exact same performance as their Tegra 2 counterparts. Soooo yeah thats why I said SG2's had Tegra 2's.... because they do.
  • Wrong. There is no confirmation that any SGS2 will use Tegra. UK and european models use the Exyno chip. I know.. i have one. The Exynos EASILY beats the Tegra in benchamrks.
  • Wrong...their definitely is confirmation their will be tegra 2 based sg2 phones. Although I was wrong about the regions it will be available in. I was mistaken that it was only in the u.s. BUT Anandtech shows the tegra 2 is actually superior to the exynos. Source: Source of Tegra 2 confirmation: Edit: Fixed link + new source
  • No. There will be tegra Galaxy S2 FAMILY phones, but not the actual SGS2. You need to realise the difference.Notice the date on that article? Its early MARCH!! The benchmarks on Anandtech (a known Nvidia whore) are known to be tegra friendly. Tegra uses custom extensions and as such looks better in benchmarks that supports them. Nvidia is bringing PC marketing to the mobile device.. The SGS2 is also FPS locked to 60. Few if any Tegra devices are artificially, locked, making them seem faster in benchmarks.
  • "There will be tegra Galaxy S2 FAMILY phones, but not the actual SGS2." Tegra 2 was confirmed for the SGS2, but im not sure what you mean exactly. Clearify please and with a source. I source all my information. Also Anandtech might be slightly biased but not anymore so then other sites. Their information at least in my experience seems to be far more accurate then other tech sites as well. Even their rumors turn out to be more accurate then most. In either case I predict the MSM8660/APQ8060 will destroy tegra 2/Exynos but we will wait and see.
  • All current markets for the SGS2 use Exynos. Europe, Asia and the forthcoming US release will be Exynos. What other markets are left? I have a friend in Australia with an SGS2 as well, it has Exynos. By SGS2 family i mean the actual SGS2 itself will use Exynos, carrier rebrands and other devices based on it may not. Fact is the Exynos is beating the tegra devices in all tests run by users. I myself got over 4600 in quadrant with the overclock kernel and 3500 with the stock. Tegra does win some tests, but as i said the SGS2 is frame rate limited to 60. Devices like the Advent Vega, LG O2X etc are not, as a result benchmarking the Mali400 against the Tegra GPU isn't really possible right now. The CPU part of the Exynos destroys the Tegra, its not even close. Im interested to see what the Qualcomm in the sensation can do, but only the CPU part. GPUs are hard to benchmark when some benchmarks use custom extensions, primarily they are coded to use different compression formats that only certain GPUs have. As long as a game plays acceptably i dont care what the frame rate is. The CPU is much more important to me.
  • Whoops double post.
  • Samsung said (back when they announced the SGS II) that there will be a Tegra 2 variant soon , it gonna be in the same series of SGS II (I9100), but under a different number (I think it was I9101 or I9110 , can't remember exactly) Think of it like the Original Galaxy S & it variants Galaxy S I9000 : SuperAMOLED screen , 1GHz CPU (Single core) Galaxy S I9001 : SuperAMOLED screen , 1.4GHz CPU (single core) Galaxy S I9003 : S-LCD screen , 1GHz CPU (Single core) As you can they are dubbed "Galaxy S" , but they are not the same phone , even though they the same look
  • Strange I can't find any official review of this thing anywhere, let alone a comparison to SGS2.
  • Remember guys, today's "beast" is tomorrows (almost literally) "also-ran".
  • Im interested in whether the bootloader is locked. If it is my SGS2 will be staying.
  • Just a week left till it releases over here
  • where do you mean with this "here" talk? lol
  • The Netherlands, actually I reserved one today.
  • As much as the Specs & Sense 3.0 are tempting , this phone is ugly , especially the back of it as they say :
    "Beauty in the eyes of the beholder"