HTC's Q2 preliminary earnings show the company returning to the red

HTC isn't quite out of the water yet. The company has released its preliminary report for Q2, revealing a loss-making quarter. HTC has predicted the Taiwanese company will close Q2 with an operating loss of NT$5.14 billion ($166 million), making it yet another negative quarter for the struggling mobile handset maker.

The quarter, ending June 30, provided HTC with an unaudited quarterly revenue of NT$33.01 billion ($1.07 billion), and a net loss before tax of NT$8.03 billion ($256 million). Earnings per share fell by NT$9.70 ($0.3). The preliminary report for Q2 is a stark contrast to the previous quarter, which painted quite the turnaround.

We expect to see final numbers in the coming weeks, but it's not looking good for the company heading into summer.

Source: HTC

Rich Edmonds