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HTC's Q2 preliminary earnings show the company returning to the red

HTC isn't quite out of the water yet. The company has released its preliminary report for Q2, revealing a loss-making quarter. HTC has predicted the Taiwanese company will close Q2 with an operating loss of NT$5.14 billion ($166 million), making it yet another negative quarter for the struggling mobile handset maker.

The quarter, ending June 30, provided HTC with an unaudited quarterly revenue of NT$33.01 billion ($1.07 billion), and a net loss before tax of NT$8.03 billion ($256 million). Earnings per share fell by NT$9.70 ($0.3). The preliminary report for Q2 is a stark contrast to the previous quarter, which painted quite the turnaround.

We expect to see final numbers in the coming weeks, but it's not looking good for the company heading into summer.

Source: HTC (opens in new tab)

  • You see HTC, this is what happens when you don't listen to your customers. All you had to do was to get rid of the black bar and put a real camera in there. How hard can it be? Yes HTC, has you done that, you would have been able to sell over $300,000,000 dollar's with of M9s in 3 months and not had to suffer losses in profit. Also putting that portable heater Crapdragon 810 made things worse..should have went with Exnyos...oh and ditch the metal in your phones. Do I need.The /S Posted via the Android Central App
  • They have stated that the black bar is there for drivers and other components. The camera is pretty trash though.
  • They could have made the front look like the Xperias, or the M9 concepts from EvLeaks. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah. Man I was hyped for the M9 then.
  • I was hoping that the M9 would be my way back in to HTC's lineup. NOT! (G1, MYTOUCH, MYTOUCH 4G, EVO 3D)
    And then my love for HTC died. LG G2
    Galaxy Note 4
    (The Sprint Lover)
  • We all know why they say it's there. If they can't figure out how to implement the speakers without the black bar then they need to get rid of the speakers. They may sound better than anything else but they are costing HTC sales do to the trade offs. HTC is failing because of their stubbornness and complete lack of understanding of what the 99% of the buying public(the ones that don't visit tech sites) want in a cell phone. Sleek, thin, light, small bezels.
  • Agreed the simple truth is that most people only use speakers playing the occasional youtube video, or for cheezy sound effects when playing a smartphone game. Real music playback is done normally done via headphones or bluetooth.
    They need to find a way to size down the speakers , reduce the bezels etc or get rid of them. On tech sites it may seem that everyone is in love with htc boomsound, but as someone who had an m8 for awhile I can say It wasn't good enough to make up for all of the other faults of the htc device. Simple formula to making money again.
    Make the front facing speakers smaller, (Think alcatel idol 3 front facing speakers)
    get rid of the black bar,
    reduce bezels
    Improve camera drastically and add OIS (You'll never compete with LG and Samsung without OIS) I actually liked sense they were doing well there.
  • I really don't think the general public cares about bezel size.
  • +1000. I love reading how out of touch people on this forum can be
  • Yeah can't argue with that. The public does want thinner, but that's about all they care about Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • They may not care about bezel size specifically, but I think they care about overall size for a phone.
    Which is pretty much the same thing, that's why we care about bezels. They may look at you like your crazy, like my wife did in the t-mobile store when I was talking about bezels looking at the G4
    But show them the size difference between a LG G4 and a One plus One and they get it, they prefer the smaller phone with the same screen real estate. And just for the record my wife doesn't retain any of my ramblings on about phones lol, so their's no bias.
    She just smiles and says whatever makes you happy lol
  • What do they care about then?
  • Agreed with rgao Posted via the Android Central App
  • The speakers are one of the stand out features for me, to lose them would be a huge mistake as far as I'm concerned and the phones are some of the best looking on the market even with the black bar which I don't even notice in day to day use quite frankly.
  • +1000 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Only nerds care about the "black bar." No rank and file customer cares about that. They buy what's sexy. The perception that the camera is inferior is the biggest problem.
  • It's not a perception though is it that the camera is inferior. It is in fact inferior than almost all the flagships out now like g4,s6,iPhone 6,note 4 etc Posted via the Android Central App
  • If Alcatel can do it so can HTC. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Well they need better engineers then. No other phone looks as dorky and they do fine having drivers hidden behind small bezels. Having that bad of a design just for a set of speakers that very few people care about is dumb. Most people use headphones when listening to music on a portable device.
  • "They have stated that the black bar is there for drivers and other components" - Translation: We aren't good enough at product design to make a phone the same screen to bezel size as our competitors. As far as the money? Not a surprise. The M7 was a great step. The M8 was a good bump up from that. The M9 is just a regurgitated design that is in some ways lesser than the M8. WTF were they thinking would happen?
  • Then why isn't there a bar at the top for that speaker?
  • Outside of your numbers, it isn't sarcasm. Don't care why they need the black bar, it doesn't have to be there, everyone else manages. Same with the crappy camera, no reason not to have a decent one. The scratch and dent metal sucks as well. Doesn't help that essentially nothing changed design wise from the m7 to the m9. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • It's indeed sarcasm. If anyone thinks that making those changes would have made the M9 capable of generating enough sales to stave off that much of a loss and put them comfortably in the black, then I admire their stupidity. I'm hoping that no one is that naive or that far detached from reality. Fyi the Note 4 and S6 is wrapped in a tuna can and do is that good old I take it that they are wrapped in suck in your eyes. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Note 4 still has the removable back, so forget that argument. Yes, the s6 having an all metal back is a detriment in my eyes, only made up by quick charge and multiple wireless. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • The S6 has a glass back. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Don't argue with hypocrisy Posted via the Android Central App
  • No it sucks no matter what, glass or metal. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • Sorry your right. I am typing between working and didn't think. Glass is worse Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • The Note 4 has scratch and dent metal that sucks, but gets the pass for having a removable battery........spool having a removable battery makes the metal suck less....or something like that????? Posted via the Android Central App
  • It gets a pass because if I scratch or dent, it costs $10 for a new one. How does that work on the HTC? Oh yeah it doesnt Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • Can't argue with that one! Lol! Metal unibody be damned. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If they ditch the metal, then HTC would be ousted for having cheap feeling devices, something Samsung's been lauded about for years and for obvious reasons, HTC can't use Exynos as that's a Samsung manufactured chip and I have yet to see a non-Samsung phone rock that chipset. But yeah, rear camera is trash Cynicism Evolved
  • The rear camera WAS trash. Now it is great in well lit conditions and ok otherwise.
  • I remember some Meizu phones having Exynos chipsets. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung makes chips for the iPhone, not the same one but still. Also, I could have sworn I read something lately that another oem was going to use them. Samsung would not turn the business down I know that. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • Does Samsung manufacture the iPhone chipset or do they design and engineering them? Posted via the Android Central App
  • They only make them. Apple makes the chipset, Sammy is on 14nm production, while Taiwan (think Qualcomm manufacturing, it's Taiwan Semiconductor Company ) is still 20nm. So that's why Apple is having Samsung physically make them. I'm assuming they wish to get in on the 14nm fun in the future? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The desire line is not bad at all Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • But....but the Desire line has the black bar and not the best camera. What say ye to that. How can has good with black bar???? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Because compromise is expected on a mid to low end phone. And we were talking about plastic vs metal. Keep up Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • We who? Keep up with what? You said nothing of metal vs plastic when you brought up the Desire lineup. But I'll play along. The HTC One ME and E9+ are made of plastic with a splash of tuna can so do they make it into the cool kids club? Posted via the Android Central App
  • You get what you pay for. If you want to buy junk, it gets a pass, from you. Look at all the 1- buyers Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • All of what buyers? They've only sold like 10000 M9s. I'm confused. You said the desire lineup is good and then said you get what you pay for. So which be the junk, the plastic desires or the plastic ME9 and E9+. Which you give pass for being plastic? The Desire which you said is good or the plastic+tuna can ME9 E9+.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I thought I'd add that for those claiming the black bar is a waste if space and that the EvLeaks renders would have resolved that. Go back and look at the renders. You will see that nearly the exact same amount of space is taken up for the speakers. The size of the space between the screen and the bottom bezel looks the same as what the M9 has. So I'm trying to figure out how removing the black bar (as was done with the leaked renders) would reduce the so called wasted space needed for the BoomSound speakers with the M9. I'm not seeing it... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Take the On screen buttons, put them on the black bar and.... Done. Functional space instead of wasting space twice Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • So that means the Evleaks render would not have solved the wasted space complaint, being that the onscreen buttons would be in the same place as before...interesting. So HTC staying true to the renders would have been an automatic fail. Noice Posted via the Android Central App
  • A render is nothing but a dream, my solution is in use. Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • So the 300 million dollar question is if your solution would erase 300 million dollars worth of losses, which is what some of the naive believe would be the silver bullet to cure HTC's inability to have the M9 keep them in the black. Posted via the Android Central App
  • What everyone in this site seems to not get is that it doesn't matter what they do tech-wise. Marketing sells phones, and they cannot out-market Apple or Samsung. They could get rid of the black bar, put in a 12-core 128 bit processor, and have a DSLR quality image chip with a Leica lens and it still wouldn't outsell the Galaxy line or the iPhone. For their phone to hit that stratosphere, they need it to be seen in the hands of Beyonce, Arianna Grande, Chris Pratt, and other A-listers. And there has to be more exposure than what they have by a large magnitude. For every HTC ad. I see, I see 10 iPhone ads and 15 Samsung ads. For every GOOD HTC ad I see.... well, I don't know if I HAVE seen a good HTC ad. The M7 and M8 were both highly praised on every tech site and were voted either phone of the year, or finalist for phone of the year. They still didn't sell as well as the current, last, and next to last versions of the iPhone and the Galaxy. You asked for microSD, they gave it to you (and Samsung took it away). You asked for more megapixels, they gave it to you. Features and tech won't fix HTC unless they come up with an exclusive feature that is so crazy everyone will want it... I am not talking a faster processor that doesn't heat up or a gimmick like fingerprint scanners... I am talking MAJOR game changer like a battery that lasts 3 days or that charges to full from empty in under a minute that still fits in the HTC One form factor.
  • I agree , it's a shame, I honestly quite enjoy HTC hardware. I also am a massive believer that Sense is bar none the best overlay. I just wish HTC had the marketing oomph to get into public eye. I know that Sammy and Apple pay spiffs to carrier employees at stores to sales of their handsets, HTC can't afford that. Who do you think the employees push? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Being the "best" software overlay is like being the smartest kid on the short bus. Posted from the redheaded stepchild of the Nexii
  • No one expects htc to sell like apple or Samsung but they can expect them not to keep selling less and less. With the m8 they sold well enough that it got them back to some profit. The very least expected was that the m9 would sell as good as the m8 but looks like they failed many m7 and m8 owners who didn't think m9 was worthy of an upgrade. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's what HTC wanted people to think. The 2 quarter profits they had after a sting of negative ones were because of accounting tricks like costs cutting and selling assets. It was not because they were selling more products.
  • Damn, "string"
  • That is true, the back to profitability was cutting back on a lot of stuff so how much effect the one device really had was unknown but I guess it's showing now it didn't really turn there fortunes around. Still I think I read not long ago that they sold like 30 or 40% less m9 than m8 which is a huge drop. The issue here is while we want htc to do radical changes, it's going to be harder for htc to do such a thing as there resources only get smaller as each quarter passes. Not sure what they can do but they could atleast shut everyone's mouth on the Internet and finally put in a killer camera and slim down those black bezels even if it's just a mm. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Even if Samsung was willing to sell their flagship CPU to a competitor (which they're not), where would they get the capacity? Remember, they make CPUs & other components for themselves and other companies.
  • I feel like they could make something similar to the moto g in specs maybe with 2 gb and a better screen resolution and sell a bunch for 200-250. I don't think they or Sony can compete with the higher end anymore (not that their phones aren't good). I feel like they need to try to do an appropriate jump in the growing mid range market. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Issue is, their phones aren't that good. And neither of them are really good at software, either. Also, I'm speaking beyond just designing a cute user interface.
  • Who is better at the software side than HTC? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Samsung is.....also good is highly subjective. Some may want to use sales as a metric for determining of a phone is good, thus that would make the iPhone the best phone, using that type of fallacy. Others may want to use popularity. But either way wherever says something about a phone being good, I'm curious to what they're referring to outside of their own personal opinion. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lmao. I have a S6, and Sense blows Touchwiz away in every aspect.
  • My mistake..I was being a smart Posted via the Android Central App
  • No one. Stock is bare, LG and Samsung are convoluted, Sony is a mess, all the others are a pu-pu platter of all of the above Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • Don't kill me for this but I actually hate Sense and prefer TouchWiz Posted via the Android Central App
  • My pitchfork is in the shop anyone have one I can borrow? Ha-ha its all about what works for you Posted via the Android Central App
  • You know I haven't found a stock launcher I was ever happy with. Every phone I owned has always had a third party launcher. Posted via the Android Central App
  • They lost this customer I was looking forward to the M9. Very disappointed traded 2 M8's for 2 S6 edge so far so good... Posted via the Android Central App
  • S6 edge rocks man. My gold unit grabbed so many attentions even the lady from the restaurant near my house were talking to me for the first time ever and asking about the phone. Looking forward to the note 5
  • I'm getting women left and right thanks to the S6 Edge, smh... Posted via the Android Central App
  • They lost me too. Back when the M7 was released, I was seriously tempted to buy it, but I had a Nexus at the time. I seriously considered the M9 versus the S6, but in the end the S6 won. Their choice of CPU, inferior camera and lack of fingerprint sensor sent me into the waiting arms of Samsung. I don't hold any grudges and look at all companies offerings when I'm ready to buy. Next time, they need to wow me with their great camera, battery life, and whatever new feature will separate them from the pack.
  • HTC is cooked. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Even worse than blackberry. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nah.
  • What did they expect? Their phones just aren't that good.
  • I agree with the comment regarding mid-range devices. They might have better luck in that market segment. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am not sure why people are surprise by any of this. This is a commoditize market now, if you are not Apple, get ready for some rough times. Even samsung, who makes a lot of the parts that goes into their phones and a huge marketing/advertizing wallet is struggling. HTC basically can't be in this industry as is and survive. They can't compete on price with the Chinese and they don't have anything they do well enough to compete on the high end. They are being squeezed out of the market, and no matter what they do, it will not be enough. It's about time people accept that fact. No matter how much some of us wish it, HTC simply can't survive in this market.
  • Apple will become commoditized as well. You think that many iPhone 6 or 6+ users are getting the new 6S? Doubt it. How about 5 and 5S users? Most of them already got a 6 or 6+. People hold on to phones longer these days.
  • I would not worry too much with Apple unless you are a stock holder at this point. If anything Apple have proven they can do fine in a commoditized market. They proved as much in the pc market, wall street and their stock will take a huge hit, but the company itself will be fine. That's not a luxury afforded to many in the smartphone market.
  • A lot of issues. Their low end offerings are getting beaten up by better phones for the price. Their flagship offerings are getting beaten up by better flagships. You really have to be a dedicated HTC fan to be sticking to their phones in light of all of the competition. Posted from my Droid Turbo
  • Evleaks, didn't do them any favors when they showed that render of an updated M9 and + should have been. I think that that was what the M9 was supposed to be. Then budget concerns (AKA BEANCOUNTERS) put the kibosh on it. Then we get what we have now. With the change up top, lets hope they get it now. Go big or just shut down now. I'm still wondering which way they will go. Posted via the Android Central App
  • HTC is so unlucky. Yes, they screwed up the camera and all but the design of the phone is still solid even though a refresh could have been better. Plus Qualcomm just screwed up with the S810, it failed the Flex 2 and it's going to fail the Xperia Z3+ and the upcoming One plus 2. What makes things worst is that we're only in July and the next flagship isn't expected till at least end of February, early March so they are going to have to do something to stay afloat till the next flagship. Maybe release something worthy this fall or something. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Needed a redesign when the M8 launched and they moved to onscreen buttons. Fast forward a couple years and the phone still looks like it was designed to be used with capacitive buttons.
  • It's not about the bezel. The speakers are fantastic but it's not about that either. The camera is terrific (especially compared to the M8's nightmare of a camera). It's that the device was not incrementally "different" enough from the M8 to distinguish itself. Flagships are called that because they are supposed to lead the brand. Move ahead. Change for the sake of change, which is, of course, completely ridiculous, but what competing in the marketplace requires. When you're known for your design, you don't "coast." That's what HTC did with the M9, and now it's paying for it through the nose --- as are its shareholders.
  • Camera is terrific? Looks like you haven't used cameras on iPhone 6, S6,G4 which its competing with. And I also think M8 took better pictures than M9 minus the resolution.
  • No, the HTC One M9 photos and videos are significantly better than the M8. Moreover, it's been proven the HTC One M9 does NOT get hot. Most of this chatter is typical clap trap from immature fanboys, haters, others incapable of comprehending professional reviews.
  • Camera still sucks, even with the multiple updates compared to the others, s6, g4, and 2012 sony Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • Love my M9.... HTC only messed up in the software department, rushed the release of their flagship device without proper testing... This has been shown by the efforts and communities dedicated to the device in the software department with custom ROMS that give the device new life... I even get more than 5:30 screen-on time no issues, no Samy can say that... The device never even goes above 42°C... Just came from a Oneplus-one and a G3 and am not complaining, love this device but sadly more consumers appreciate a polished package than the above average user. In the words of Kevin H... "it wasn't read"... But it is now...n every time someone talks to me about quad HD I blow their brains out in my head L4D style...because if you can survive with less than 3:30 minutes of screen on time you belong in a land of the.... I dare not say. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Help
  • Hold
    Camera Sent via carrier duck. They were out of pigeons
  • They came out with a lackluster flagship device this year. This comes as no surprise. Posted via the Android Central App on the Galaxy S6 active
  • Well, this isn't at all surprising. The Galaxy S6 has a great build and wonderful camera. The LG G4 has an identical height and a removable battery and also a wonderful camera. Both the S6 and G4 aren't as toasty. The M9 is a good phone, but competition is really tough and honestly, HTC did drop the ball here by releasing a phone that is only really better than phones from last year.
  • I'm not saying this to discredit either the S6 and G4, buy trying to identify the main failure of the M9 according to them and their main complaints about the M9. The S6 has a premium build, lacks a removable battery and SD card slot. The M9 has a premium build, lacks the removable battery but has an SD card slot and a premium build. The G4 design is very similar to the G3, but has an amazing camera and removable battery and SD card slot. The M9 has a design that is very similar to the M8, a mediocre camera, non-removable battery, and an SD Card slot. So by using fallacy based logic, it looks like if the M9 had the camera and removable battery of the G4, that it would have sold better and kept HTC in the black. Then again, the black bar and space heater 810 would have doomed it. The since the G4 and S6 (non-edge) have designs that are very similar to their predecessors, then the M9 being similar in design to the M8 isn't the problem. Based on a certain logic of course. Posted via the Android Central App
  • There's no issue in making a phone look similar to the last one, as long as it's not TOO similar. However, HTC doesn't have the financial capital of both LG and Samsung, so they can't afford any missteps. Unfortunately, that small capital also means they can't do anything radical. As much as I like the M9, it isn't good enough to sway me away from the G4. The software and build are all nice but the less-than-amazing camera and overheating issues with the 810 changed my mind. It's not a bad phone, just not really special to me anymore. It's just like any other phone now. The M7 was pretty special to me because it was the first Android phone that really screamed "Really damn premium" to me. Now that everyone else seems to be going the same route, it isn't as special as it used to. If you're asking what made the G4 special to me, it's the camera features.
  • Just thanking my stars that I didn't invest in HTC stock when it was flying high with the original Desire. That was a time when I genuinely believed that HTC was going to be a major player. Now, HTC seems to be following in the footsteps of BlackBerry. ie. Not listening to the customers and market demands/trends. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Your last sentence absolutely hit the nail on the head.
  • What is it that their customers are saying that they should listen to. What are the market demands and trends that would help them recover from such a high amount of losses? I'm curious. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The problem is the OS, people expect it to work like the samsung with voice commands but they are an entirely different OS. Other than the amazing sound those phones lock up consistently and aren't worth the parts used to put them together. Posted via Android Central App
  • Got rid of my M7 a couple of months ago and got the Galaxy S6. Whay, you ask, did I ditch HTC? The CAMERA. HTC. Really? Posted via the Android Central App
  • The camera was the same reason I replaced my M7 with the LG G4. It was very bad, to the point of nearly being completely unusable because the purple tint was horrible. Posted from my "Jack Of All Trades" LG G4
  • Not surprising. The m9 was a disappointment and the 810 along with the mediocre camera killed any chance for HTC this year.
  • If you really believe that using the 810 and having a mediocre camera is what led to 200+ million dollars in losses, then I'm not understanding how that logic works. Everyone else is saying it was the black bar or Evleaks renders that sealed their fate. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The financial results are expected. You have a hit two years in a row, then coast and waste your marketing dollars. The new advertising will help in the next quarter, but it's not instant. It will reduce their losses but not return them to profits. IF they make the M10 a hit, and IF they keep an effective advertising campaign, then things will be looking up for them. The M10 is critical. As it is right now, the majority of people don't even know what HTC is, and the bonkers commercials they had in the past only confused their identity and obscured their products. Every other day I get hit with "Is that an iPhone?", "Is that the 6?", "Are you using Apple Pay?". A waiter in an upscale restaurant almost almost climbed over another table and excitedly asked "What phone IS that?!" when I laid mine on the table, but he had a blank look when I told him it was an HTC. It does not matter how good your product is if nobody knows about it. Especially if stores like Best Buy are actively steering customers away from HTC (saw it in person). Now, about software being better; I'm trying to be objective because I like other phones, but the memory leaks and slowdowns are something that are common to a lot of owners I personally know. None of the HTC owners I know have those problems. I watched a guy last night, in our living room, deleting apps to improve performance. I could hardly see his screen because it was turned down so low. Then he went outside on the deck to be with his wife, leaving the phone plugged in because the battery was low. Again. Sorry, but I don't want to be that guy ;) As far as them not making good phones, why is the technically inferior iPhone 6 selling great? The iPhone 6 is marketed by geniuses. HTC marketing has been, um, less so. And I have no problem backing up the technical advantage because even the lesser M8 is faster, has a better screen, better battery life, better app management, better sound, better headphone output, etc. One last thing: The speakers. There is a reason that 90% of people use head phones with their mobile device, and it's because their speakers are crap. One company comes up with a properly engineered solution, and pull it off well enough that accoustic experts and audio engineers and musicians all point to it as being better than many laptops, most tablets, and every phone ever made...
    You know full well that if Apple had the same sound, it would be on every other billboard and every fifth commercial. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You hit the nail on the head. Completely agree.
  • Wow finally...someone with common sense! Reading these comments from the experts here who think HTC's problem is that they don't listen to this customers, need to get rid of the black bar, etc, makes me think that they're least I hope so. No matter what HTC does with their next flagship, it won't be enough to help them fight off the onslaught from the juggernauts (Apple and Samsung) and the Chinese vendors who can aggressively target the low to mid-range market. You have a relatively small manufacture who does little to no in-house development of their hardware components, doesn't have the funds to invest heavily in both R&D and marketing, and has a brand name that is nonexistent in nearly any global business rankings. The M10 could have the best specs, camera, display, design, and build of any smartphone in history and it still won't be able to compete against the offerings from Samsung or Apple with regards to sales nor will it make their losses suddenly disappear. Posted via the Android Central App
  • LMFAO!!! LMFAO!!!
  • I have only seen one HTC commercial in 2 years. That was for the M8. And it was a carrier commercial. Posted from my "Jack Of All Trades" LG G4
  • If only the world was as simple as most of these comments. And for those who still think the m9 camera is mediocre, quite simply YOU ARE WRONG!
  • It doesn't surprise me ... I used to like htc but I had to skip the htc one 9... I wish they get their s**t together before the next flagship Posted via the Android Central App
  • Everyone, and I mean everyone, that I know with one of the One handsets from the past few years was/is happy with it. The problem is most of them bought the phone because they happened to see it and they liked it. They didn't know who HTC was. They didn't go into a store looking for that phone. Without greater brand awareness, and a feature leaps and bounds better than the competition, they'll never turn things around. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Subsides going away phones cost more than computers or tables = people not going to upgrade so often.