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HTC One X (Tegra 3) benchmarks

Benchmarks for the international GSM version of the HTC One X with the Tegra 3 processor.

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  • So... from what I'm seeing on the CF-Bench result, the Tegra 3 completely trounces the Krait in native, gets just a tiny bit less in the Java score, and is in a very comfortable lead with its overall score. That about sum it up? If Sprint gets this with the Tegra3, I might go for early upgrade again, but not worth it if they release the Krait version. I'm already rocking the 3vo and I'm pretty happy with it.
  • Here's the link to Jerry's article on the AT&T model (S4) for side by side comparison: Java does seem better in the Snapdragon, but everything else goes to Tegra. Java is a big part of Android. The overall score seems to favor Tegra.
  • Where are you getting this data from? The Krait has better overall architecture than T3. See AnandTech comparison here: Personally I'm not benchmark crazy but I agree that I want a real processor upgrade for my EVO 3D. For me the Krait looks great.
  • Holy flying snotballs, Batman!
  • I want to see a benchmark with this of how fast it takes you to get to a power outlet to keep the thing charged and working.. w/o a battery I can swap or extended battery option, I'm going to have to pass.. Makes me laugh when I see iPhone users scrambling for power outlets at conventions and meet-ups etc.
  • Yeah, stupid conventions and meetups when you can charge before you go or have as much battery pack in your bag as you are willing to carry. Those fools scrambling for power outlets have no other choice.