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HTC One X+ pictures leak out, looks just like a HTC One X

Well, then, what do we have here. At first glance, this is nothing more than a black HTC One X. However, according to the guys over at Pocket-Lint, this is in fact the much rumored HTC One X+.

Having been rumored, and leaked, but not yet officially announced, the HTC One X+ is expected to be an upgraded version of the current HTC flagship device. Visually, aside from an updated Beats logo, the One X+ is identical to the regular One X. The difference is supposed to be internal -- a bumped up Tegra 3 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean the key rumored upgrades. 

As ever with leaks, we'll hold off full judgment until we see an actual device. We have to say though, we're excited for Jelly Bean on a HTC device. If the rumors are true, it has to bode well for current HTC One X owners eagerly awaiting that update. 

Source: Pocket-lint

  • Really a shame HTC didn't go with on-screen Nav buttons. If they are indeed making a Nexus, they're going to have to get on board with them.
  • I pray rumors are wrong and HTC is not making the next Nexus phone. We've seen what a steller job they did with the Nexus One. Just as well, I hope it's not really a 5 inch screen. There is useful, and then there is ridiculous. But if rumors are true, then I'm on path to get the Sony Xperia T without regretting not getting the Nexus phone. Heck, I'd keep my current GNex until it dies if it wasn't for the fact it doesn't have LTE support for AT&T.
  • If they were to make the Nexus, which they won't, the software part will not be up to them. They would just produce the hardware so the point is moot.
  • There are too many devs who do not hide those buttons in games and apps, you can see it in the reviews on this site. I'd rather the extra space be used for screen real estate if the buttons aren't going to be hidden. I am glad HTC has stuck with capacitive buttons. What better way to use the bezel. Just because Google does something doesn't mean it is better than what we had before.
  • You would hope that the One+ will have a much bigger battery capacity, ideally 2500mah+. Other wise, who will upgrade to this just for a more powerful processor (probably .3 or a difference) and Jelly Bean which is coming to the One X anyway. I've been a HTC fan for years (Desire and Sensation XE) but the route their going down questions my loyalty. No wonder they are looking at £millions of losses and losing ground on Samsung. HTC developing the new Nexus phone? Definitely not the way they keep developing phones.
  • I see what you're saying to a point but it gives great battery life already considering that it's.pushing a 4.7in screen and LTE. Personally I hope they get to make a new Nexus.. their screen is the best on the market and their designs feel so much more premium than Samsung's.
  • Just bring it to Tmo.
  • It's a great looking device aside from the nasty Camera bump on the back. No need for the camera to be sticking out like that, when Apple, Samsung, and others don't seem to have a problem making the camera flush.
  • I rather like it on my One X. For one, it keeps the flat backside if the phone from bring scratched with you lay it down on its back and the camera lens doesn't get scratched because that doesn't lay flush with the surface you're putting it down on. It adds a nicer visual flair too. Samsung can't say the same. I've seen S3's with their plastic scratched up nice from owners laying it down on a surface.
  • On screen buttons suck and would not make or break HTC. I do rather agree about the minimal upgrades to new releases they put out isn't worth it if you have the similar model.
  • I hope it has at least 32GB of storage -- as opposed to the current model that has on 16GB and can't be expanded.
  • Ugh. This does not look pretty. Samsung is pretty much the only one that can seem to make good-looking phones.
  • That's very subjective. I think Samsung makes cheap plastic leap frog looking phones. Even Sony and Motorola's phones may be plastic but they at least have a more industrial look so they look more grown up and classy.
  • agreed
  • Agreed.
  • So the only difference is a higher clock speed and color? JB will come to the others sop that's not really a reason to buy this.
  • The camera makes it look more like an EVO! Gotta love the red accents - well, you don't have to, but I do! And I like the camera bump because it keeps my lens from getting scratched since it is set in a little.
  • The previous leak photo also states 64gb of storage. I'd take this phone in a second as a Nexus with the specs it has. Of course the bigger the battery the better and they really should have 2gb of ram since Samsung already set that as a standard for the current high end phones. I'm not sure I'm excited about a 5" Nexus, the current Galaxy Nexus is about as big a phone as I personally want. Sure if they get a bigger screen onto the same overall size that's great, but I think for most people's hands are smaller than what's usable in one hand. As for on screen buttons, I don't mind them but the old kind are fine with me too.
  • Just love the red and black color scheme reminds me of my original dinc days
  • So.... No thanks. This phone looks like the past 10 devices they have produced.
  • This pic doesn't look very promising -- if accurate, i think i like the gray htc one x a lot better. I'm also confused about the beats logo -- i thought HTC severed that relationship...