HTC One X launches May 6 on AT&T, priced $199.99

AT&T has announced that its version of the HTC One X will launch just under three weeks from now, on May 6, with pre-orders for the device starting this Sunday, April 22. The phone will sell for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement, which is in line with other leading AT&T phones.

AT&T's One X packs a dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip, compared to the quad-core Tegra 3 powering the international version. The change is due to Tegra 3's lack of built-in LTE support, however the dual-core Snapdragon S4 is nothing to sniff at, and we've been impressed with the performance it's delivered in other phones like the HTC One S. Aside form the change in processor, AT&T customers can expect the same One X experience we described in our full review -- same gorgeous 720p SuperLCD2 display, same 8MP ImageSense camera and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, backed up by HTC Sense 4.

For more on the One X, take a glance over our definitive review. And if you're on AT&T, hit the comments and let us know whether you'll be picking one of these up on May 6.

Source: PRNewswire

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  • Any word on off-contract price?
  • $550. AT&T emailed me back.
  • Off contract price?
  • $550 No commitment
  • Thank you:D, I'm glad I sold my skyrocket for $500!
  • What's the point of buying a phone off contract in the US? You're still locked into the ridiculous pricing structure regardless of whether you sign a contract or not. If the point is to have access to other carrier networks, why not just buy the international version? The only reason I can fathom would be having the freedom to test the phone within a reasonable return window without having to worry about a potential ETF.
  • one reason would be the fact that the off contract price for the at&t One X is $550 compared to the $679+ unlocked international version. if you plan on staying with the same carrier, you might as well save the money.
  • If you upgrade more often than once every two years. Just sell your old phone. When your contract is up make sure to use it right away and keep that phone or sell it since the price of all those phones is worked into the monthly price anyway.
  • Where did you find that info? I've looked everywhere and have not seen an official no commitment price
  • You're right, the off contract info hasn't been published yet. I work for the Death Star and we just received the email today for the Pricing.
  • Ill be picking this up for sure. Ive been waiting for HTC to come out with a good Android phone for awhile and they finally did it with the One series. Great specs to last me till next year and HTC seems to do fairly well with updates. The One series should also be eligible for JellyBean no problem.
  • Another great offering from HTC that is guaranteed to have antenna and reception problems.
  • It looks nice.
  • This phone is #1 on my list to replace my Captivate. Unless I hear that the new iPhone will have a similar sized screen, this will be my new phone. Looking forward to seeing it in the AT&T store so I can hold it first though. TD
  • Maybe, depends on what Samsung has in store for us on May 3rd. They have the opportunity to present a phone with better specs in every category plus a microsd card slow.
  • I have a Samsung now. I don't like it. I've had issues with it since I got it. So no Samsung for me. Especially with the Galaxy name. :) TD
  • I thought the same till my friend with his HTC H2 had a problem, my friend with her Thunderbolt had a problem with WiFi and my coworker with his Moto Droid X had a wifi problem similar to the thunderbolt. I'm usually the android IT guy where I work and in my group of friends. It's sad to say, but a lot of phone software is buggy or there's always something wrong. I'm not trying to turn you off of HTC, but nothing is perfect. I hope you don't expect something perfect just to be let down that's all I'm saying.
  • That's actually why I'm waiting to see if Apple bumps up the screen size on the next iPhone. While her phone isn't perfect, my wife's iPhone 4 is very stable. Mine locks up just about every other day on average requiring a battery pull. She's had to reboot her iPhone maybe 5 times in the almost 2 years that she's had it. I don't need flexible, I need stable. I don't have time to spend messing with my phone. However, I want a much bigger screen than what the 4 or 4s has. If they don't make it bigger, the OneX is my next option. TD
  • Same here. The only possible contender for me at this point is the Galaxy S3, but I'm very hesitant to give Samsung my money given my experiences with the Captivate, which, suffice it to say, have not been great. I'll likely wait until June/July to make my decision. That'll give me enough time to see what the Galaxy S3 looks like, and enough time for people to find any earth-shattering problems with AT&T's version of the One X. Might also be interested in seeing what Apple is doing, but I don't think I can go back now that I'm so used to Android. Hell, it's bad enough using my wife's 3GS.
  • I seriously doubt the iPhone will have anything bigger than a 3.5" screen (again).
  • Great looking phone with great specs but, the non-removable battery and only 16GB of storage put it down a few notches on my wish list.
  • Exactly. Any phone without removable storage is pretty low on my list. I can deal with the battery.
  • If it had 32Gb I could understand it for most people but 16GB is cutting it a little close fora phone that is supposed to last two years. More and more content is going digital and with screen resolutions and camera's megapixels going so high that space can potentially get used up pretty quickly.
  • Couldn't have said better myself. I don't have data/wifi connection all the time. I prefer songs with higher quality stored locally.
  • My current phone has a 32 GB SD card that is constantly full. I can't justify dropping down to a phone with only 32 GB and somehow make that last 2 years. I want to get rid of my current phone so bad but THERE ARE NO GOOD PHONES TO UPGRADE TO. @(#&#%. So many POTENTIALLY great phones gimped by features that were great 4 years ago. UGH. Why are phone specs\features going backwards.
  • With all the various streaming and cloud services (Amazon MP3, Google Music, Pandora, Picasa, DropBox, etc.), what exactly is eating up 32GB worth of space on your current phone? Do you really need to have access to every photo, video, and song you've ever owned?
  • can we use this on tmobile ?
  • Not on T-Mobile, but the One S is coming very soon, and it'll share the same processor - just a smaller screen and no LTE.
  • I want to know how battery life will perform on this one vs. the non-LTE version - that will probably be the deciding factor for me.
  • I would guess better with LTE off and worse with LTE on. I believe Tegra 3 is 40nm process and S4 is 28nm which means the S4 should be more efficient if neither is using LTE. Apparently Apple saved about 30% battery life going from 40nm to 28nm. Not sure what that means in real world results though.
  • Only 16gig of memory I call BS on that ...already this phone had me on the fence about buying it but att ordered the watered down version of this phone and I know why its clear as day...less on board storage forces u to use the all mighty cloud and that benefits att because u can go over ur data plan and then bam! U got overage fees ...this is BS they messed up cuz the GS3 will be fully unvailed by then att choke on it ...
  • Prefect timing, hopefully they put up demo units on the 6th so I can go to a store and manhandle it, then go and pre-order the EVO LTE (sticking with Sprint for now, core better or worse, they got the better version anyway).
  • does this have NFC?
  • Yes
  • Does this mean it'll be available in stores on the 6th?? I just purchased the 4s and my 30 days are up on the 9th. Will I have time to return it? Thanks ahead of time
  • Yep, according to the article. I would make damn sure the iPhone has a 30 day return period though. Anything Apple related seems to go by different rules.
  • I purchased in an AT&T store and the contract says 30 days?? Lol I doubt I change just due to the reliability apple offers over android but just a question
  • the iphone definitely has a 30 day return period at any AT&T store and at all Best Buys
  • Lets hope that with this phone coming out so soon it will push Sprint in letting out the Evo LTE quickly after May 6th
  • 16GB of storage is too low for me. I don't think I can justify that. Why must they gimp the most gorgeous phone I've ever seen. So many things just scream DON'T BUY THIS. Non-removable battery. LOW storage space. No external SD card slot. Why would they do this? Makes NO SENSE. This is going baaaaaaaackwards.
  • 16GB as the max storage was so 2008. Way to neuter a great device. Why not offer a 32GB for $300?
  • My Evo 4 physically broke about 6 weeks ago. I picked up a Galaxy 2 at AT&T. Love it, but wondering if I should change out for this? I like what I hear about the camera. And still waiting to hear when I will get Samsung's version of 4.0.
  • Which did you like more? The HTC or Samsung?
    Could not stand my Samsung Captivate. Love love love my HTC Inspire 4G. Touchwiz sucks! Now a Vanilla/Stock ICS SG3 with 32g+ will make this a very hard decision for me!!
  • Hard to say - I liked them both when I first got them. The GII is a lot faster and the camera is better. I typically get rid of Sense and TouchWiz so that really doesn't bother me. I would have gone with the Galaxy Nexus but had other reasons to go with AT&T.
  • I'm on Verizon, so I don't know, but does AT&T usually release phones on Sundays?
  • yes
  • no thanks u will regret this when the s3 comes out. first to market tegra 3 or tried and proven exynos. ill take ultimate performance
  • I used the Tranformer Prime with its Tegra 3 processor and the thing was very fast and smooth. I don't think there is anything to worry about and no one is going to see any difference in performance. Benchmarks may show different but using it will feel the same.
  • Don't think so. They are now saying the S3 will most likley be a slight upgrade, like the Iphone 4gs.
  • This is definitely going to be my next phone. Just have to decide whether or not I want to pre-order it, or just hope I can walk into the store and get it day 1. Disappointed though that it doesn't seem like Motorola is putting out a phone on AT&T that will work with the original Lapdock, but oh well.
  • [Marv Albert] YESSS! [/Marv Albert]
  • YES!!! Been waiting for this one! My Inspire is on it's last legs!
  • Only $550 off contract is pretty tempting, especially since I just broke my Atrix. :P
  • If I could sell my Vivid for $400 then I would get it as soon as it comes out.