HTC One M9+

HTC has today announced that the HTC One M9+, the enlarged and more feature-packed version of its 2015 flagship, will be launching in European markets. The Western debut of the M9+ follows launches in mainland China, Taiwan and India earlier this year.

The HTC One M9+ builds on the smaller M9 with a 5.2-inch Quad HD (2560x1440-resolution) display and an array of new features. Beneath the display there's a touch-activated fingerprint sensor, which also doubles as a capacitive home key. And around the back the 20-megapixel rear camera is joined by a depth-sensing Duo camera, like the One M8. That means you'll be able to add artistic and 3D effects to your snaps, as you could on last year's HTC One.

Bigger screen, higher resolution, and a new CPU.

On the inside, the M9+ uses MediaTek's Helio X10 CPU, an octa-core chip running at 2.2GHz, backed up by 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and microSD expandability. The Helio X10 is MediaTek's current high-end offering, with four ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 1GHz and another four A53s at 2.2GHz, in a big.LITTLE configuration. (That's in contrast to the regular M9's Snapdragon 810, which uses four A53s and four more power-hungry Cortex-A57s.) MediaTek's SoC also includes a PowerVR G6200 GPU.

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Elsewhere you're looking at a fixed 2,840mAh battery, same as the M9 — though it'll be interesting to see how the bigger screen and different CPU impact battery life. HTC quotes a talk time of up to 23 hours for 2G, or 13 hours for 3G.

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The M9+ arrives in Europe after a grim quarter for HTC, following disappointing sales of the regular M9. It remains to be seen whether a larger version of the same handset — albeit one with some unique new features — will be able to help reverse the company's fortunes.

At the time of writing HTC hasn't confirmed precisely where in Europe the M9+ will be sold, nor when exactly it'll arrive. Nevertheless, we'll be sure to put the HTC One M9+ through its paces when the European version of the phone arrives. In the meantime, check out our first impressions from the phone's Indian launch for more M9+ goodness.

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