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Is the HTC Merge arriving on U.S Cellular on April 29? (Update: USC says no)

Update: US Cellular says this date is not correct and that the Merge will launch "later this spring."

Looks like HTC's comments about the HTC Merge arriving on "multiple carriers" really is starting to ring true. With Alltel and Cellular South already on the list we can also now check of US Cellular as the above image shows us all a release date of April 29. We will of course, wait to see if that date pans out given that we're not exactly sure of how old the information may be but -- we're pretty confident it will arrive sooner then later. Until then, check out our previous coverage of the HTC Merge

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And you can jump on past the break for one more shot showing the device in the US Cellular systems. Thanks, Anon!

  • Well multiple carriers is accurate now (pending release). But I'm hoping it's more than just two.
  • Dear Verizon. You suck. I wish for you to roast in the pits of Hades. I am in the middle of the mid-west and you are the only carrier I can count on for solid signal otherwise I would bail on you in a heartbeat, you worthless pieces of dung. This was to be your device, and you may never get it now...just because it isn't the newest 12 inch black-slab, which seems to be all you sell anymore. All I wanted was a phone with a decent physical keyboard, and you have done nothing but proceed to give me the finger at every turn. Thanks so much you jack-wagons. :( This is SOOOO frustrating.
  • Truer words have never been typed.