Is HTC Launching an Android Phone Today?

Reports are floating around that suggest today, June 24th, as the launch day for a brand new Android Phone. Which HTC Android phone could it be? Well, if you remember the invitation of today's HTC Event in London you would remember the picture of the gigantic 'rose' in the forefront. Could this mean the debut of the 'Rosie' interface and the HTC Hero? It just might.

Pocket-lint caught a tweet of a journalist on-site suggesting that yes, today could be launch day for a new Android phone. To quote:

"Really looking forward to HTC's new Android smartphone tomorrow; colleague who has played w it gives rave review," said the journalist in a tweet. 

Yeah, we know that tweet isn't an especially bullet proof source but hey, we'll find out soon. The event is supposed to kick off within the hour!

Casey Chan