HTC To Launch Three Android Smartphones This Year

HTC, maker of the T-Mobile G1 and hotly anticipated HTC Magic, is quite obviously the biggest (read: only) Android Smartphone maker on the market. So when HTC speaks, the Android world stops to listen. Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC, says that we can expect "at least" three Android Devices this year from HTC. We're not mad at that.

If you count the HTC Magic as one of the "three" devices, we should still expect two more HTC built, Android powered devices. What would be interesting is if they choose a different route for form factor so that they can offer a complete product line for Android. With the G1 being the sliding form factor and the Magic being the all touch device could we expect a Blackberry/Treo-esque front facing QWERTY design and a HTC Touch HD 'maxed out the specs' form factor? Only time will tell.

Here's HTC's 2009 product line. Which one will be Android?

[pc world]

Casey Chan