HTC HD3 shows itself [the competition]

We in the Android world have been basking in some pretty bad-arse hardware for some time now. Our Windows Phone cousins, on the other hand, have been patiently waiting for something new since -- well, the Touch Pro 2 and HD 2. But it doesn't look like Android's going to corner the black-slab market for long. The first real images of the HTC HD3 (it might also be called the HD7) have leaked out, and it's admittedly a beauty. And we're pretty darn curious to get a look at the final product of Windows Phone 7 (I was able to get a look at the early build way back at Mobile World Congress).

Anyhoo, check out some more pics at WMExperts, and see if any of this doesn't pique your interest.

Phil Nickinson
  • Nice. Coming from a TP and TP2 and wishing the HD2 would have been available through Sprint, this is an interesting phone. Wonder who's gonna eventually get it. :)
  • It's rumored for t-mobile....i know it won't be verizon or sprint cuz Windows phone 7 is gonna be Gsm only till the 2nd half of 2011.....umm dont ask me how i know all this about windows phone 7 lol
  • In the looks dept, I love that kickstand. Bravo HTC. For functionality, I prefer the Evo's heatsink kickstand. Bravo again HTC. If I ever create the Homer 9000 Android phone, I'll be sure to put in both lol
  • Kickstand? Oh. I thought that was the wind up key sticking out the back.
  • ZOMG. I absolutely love love love it! I don't like the EVO because of the red detailing/kickstand placement. But WOAH the blue looks sooo good! Not sure if WM7 layout looks good on such a BIG screen though. Lots of usable space isn't used.
  • Love this post here! It's nice! I've been checking it out. Happy with the evo though!
  • Still, with those big ugly tiles on the homescreen are just crap. Wonder if you could customize the ui? Eh, who cares, not android. Lol
  • I like the design is nice but the os leaves way to much wasted space. If I have a huge screen I want it to be usable everywhere not just photos and videos
  • what a waste of a nicely designed phone. wp7 will fail due to the animated transitions that look fun but take forever to complete. the zune-esque interface is not very intuitive either. my $0.02
  • Is that a camera lens cover? If so, I want one on my EVO! I've got a scratch and it's only 31 days old.
  • no, its a kickstand
  • That is very handsome hardware. Can't say I've seen anything from WP7 that interest me, however.
  • Well just like the HTC hd2 I'm pretty sure this will have froyo. XD
  • This design is awesome. Adjusting the volume while in kickstand mode just knocks over my Evo, I love how on the HD7 the kickstand is on the same side of the phone as the volume buttons. I also love how the volume jack is on the bottom, I hate having wires coming out of 2 sides of my phone in the car.
  • I just think Win Mo is dead I know only one friend of mine who has a windows mobile phone. I mean it might not be dead just not nearly as popular as Android or iOS.
  • i have to say im not a fan of the kickstand. it just looks strange.
  • Wait till you get the munchies in the middle of a movie.
  • This is "Android" Central right? Why is this even here?
  • A windows phone? How interesting. Yawn.
  • When are designers going to learn that round-back designs are not user-frieldly when it comes to smartphones that people will want to operate while it lies on their desk. Sure, it might feel good in the hand when your holding it, but the only way to keep it from wobbling around when operated flat on a desktop is to put at least some nubs or slightly raised areas on it to give is a stable stance. Round back phones look nice enough, but they just aren't practical for a smartphone. -SR-
  • One more thing... I think it would be great for Windows Phone 7 to do well, but so far, it seems every image I see of it just looks about as plain and uninteresting as possible, especially the ones shown in the images of the linked article above. In the end, it may not matter if WP7 ends up being the foundation for custom OEM UIs (just like Windows Mobile has been up until now), but so far, I say "blech!" -SR-
  • Oh I dunno. This is the first one of many pre-release WinMo7 phones that actually looks good. Too bad about the crap OS though. The wasted space would drive me NUTS! Very glad I made the jump from 6.1 to 2.1...