HTC HD2 car dock fits Evo 4G after a little work

We all know that the HD2 and Evo are very similar, however, some small differences in the chassis make it so most accessories just don’t fit. Since the Evo’s official car dock hasn’t been released yet, some innovative folks over at HTCPedia took it into their own hands, and modded the existing HD2’s dock to work (almost flawlessly) with our beloved Evo. Basically, all you have to do is move the USB charging port that’s on the mount from the left to the right, and snap off one of the plastic holding arm clips – and voila, it’s a near-perfect fit. There’s no need to have to fiddle with your phone after it’s inserted into the cradle as the Navigation app comes right up as soon as it’s in place.  It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but for what it's worth, it works pretty darn well.  [via GoodAndEvo

Adam Sawyer