HTC HD2 car dock fits Evo 4G after a little work

We all know that the HD2 and Evo are very similar, however, some small differences in the chassis make it so most accessories just don’t fit. Since the Evo’s official car dock hasn’t been released yet, some innovative folks over at HTCPedia took it into their own hands, and modded the existing HD2’s dock to work (almost flawlessly) with our beloved Evo. Basically, all you have to do is move the USB charging port that’s on the mount from the left to the right, and snap off one of the plastic holding arm clips – and voila, it’s a near-perfect fit. There’s no need to have to fiddle with your phone after it’s inserted into the cradle as the Navigation app comes right up as soon as it’s in place.  It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but for what it's worth, it works pretty darn well.  [via GoodAndEvo

Adam Sawyer
  • I find it hilarious that HTC hasnt bothered to come out with the accessories for the Evo and the Droid X that hasnt even been sold yet has accessories all over the place already , what does that tell you ? Typical of HTC as they do this with all there phones , still waiting for stuff for the Incredible , but I wont buy anything now as I wont own the Incredible more than another 2 or 3 weeks , The Droid X is going to replace it on DAY 1
  • I honestly think it's more Verizon that's pushing the accessories than it is Motorola. They have always been big trying to push them on you, even if you buy a phone in store. It's probably a good source of revenue for them so they try to offer alot right from the start because they know people are gonna be looking for them right away. Rather than lose business to places like (and androidcentral :] ) they try to offer a big variety from the getgo. This is true for most somewhat popular Verizon phones. Obviously, the same can't be said of either Sprint or AT&T
  • That just means that Verizon and Motorola like their phones more than HTC and Sprint.
  • When will accessories come out? It's been a couple weeks now...and I still can't get a micro hdmi cable. Seeesh
  • You won't want it anyway, because they are going to price it at some insane level, like over $30! Fortunately, the off-brands have already arrived. You can pick up a cable now on Ebay for a total of $11! Search for "micro hdmi". Still, there is no excuse that the basic official accessories were not available at or near launch (at least replacement batteries, hdmi cable, desktop dock, car dock, belt case)
  • 1) Why does the naviplay app not rotate properly in any of the pictures?
    2) How does the Evo know when it is in a car dock? Magnetic sensor?
  • That's not the HTC Nav screen. That's the Google Navigator Nav screen, and there are several apps that can make it pop up automatically when you get in your vehicle. Personally, I think it kinda sucks. If there is a way to customize what is on the screen, I haven't found it. If you want to see the HTC nav screen in action on the EVO, google Custom EVO Car Dock. You'll find a video of a guy that made his own cable and and cradle. PRetty awesome. Can't wait until they release the HTC car nav cable and or dock!
  • I built a car dock out of a coat hanger... works pretty well.