HTC gets official with ICS for the Rezound, no word on an OTA just yet (update - or not)

Update: and just like that HTC has pulled the listing for the 3.14.605 update to Ice Cream Sandwich from the support page. Back to waiting.

HTC has posted the official news that ICS is available for the Rezound, but we can't find anyone who has found it yet. Version 3.14.605.10 710RD should be hitting devices shortly according to HTC and will update devices running the stock firmware to Ice Cream Sandwich, and is installed like any other OTA update through the settings menu.

It's worth noting that this is the same build as the last leak, and one that's been kicking around from HTC in RUU form for those who don't want to wait for an OTA. That's where the Rezound forums come into play, where folks live and breathe this sort of thing and can point you in the right direction for any assistance you might need. In any case, we'll update when we hear news that it's pushing out over-the-air.

Source: HTC (opens in new tab)

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Hopefully Droid RAZR MAXX users get their update soon. *crosses fingers*
  • Who cares about the Rezound. At least not me. I am waiting on news when Sprint EVO 3D will finally get ICS.
  • If you feel this way, why bother to post this?
  • So you commented in a post about the Rezound why? Go away please.
  • Have you seen a post about the EVO 3D lately. We have been the forgotten bunch. I apologize for hijacking the comment area to vent my frustrations. Congrats to those with the Rezound once they actually get ICS.
  • I validate your frustrations. Besides letting the 3D languish, the EVO LTE has so many issues that between the two I can't see any reason to ever get an HTC phone again.
  • Well... I will believe it when it hits my phone... Verizon has pretty much cast the Rezound into the DOA pile... So, anything to upgrade or update will be luck of the draw... I hope this is true as I would love a little ICS.
  • Looks like your thoughts are right lol
  • Rezound is a great phone it's about time it got ics......
  • They must have pulled it because the update info is not there. Still just shows maintenance update from January...
  • Who cares about the rezound???? I do.. I had the 3d and it doesn't compare to the rezound. My point is u may wanna think about switching from ur slow ass network provider to one who actually makes surfing the web fast or at least worth using. No disrespect but sprint sucks and i never thought switching would make me happier.... Including spending a little more monthly.
  • How is that Sprint LTE network coming along?
  • Jealousy doesn't become you. How are those super high monthly rates for capped data working for you?
  • Well once its up and going we won't have to worry about going over 2GB :)
  • I know I sure don't have to worry about going over 2gb on Verizon ;-)
  • This phone deserves ICS just as much if not more than any other device on the market.
  • I'm still unlimited and going to stay that way :) and yea sprints coverage sucks. I have a love hate relationship with big red myself
  • Rezound is the best phone on Verizon.