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HTC France confirms European EVO 3D

Looks like the earlier rumors about a GSM version of the HTC EVO 3D were right on the money after all. HTC France mentions in its official Twitter feed that the EVO 3D will be coming to France at some point in the future. Though not specifically confirmed, this likely means the EVO 3D will also see a wider European release.

Here's a translation of the tweet in question. Hit the source link for the original French.

"You want a HTC EVO 3D for France? So do we! It'll keep the same name, too. Release date has yet to be confirmed."

Check out our hands-on coverage from CTIA for more EVO 3D-based goodness. [@HTC_Fr]

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Ain't they a year late , I waited allot for a GSM version of the original Evo , but never happened , its too late now , even if it had 1.2 dual-core CPU & 3D stuff
    Imma get me an Atrix or what ever GSM Motorola phone that comes in the summer
  • The Desire HD was basically a European version of the first-gen EVO. That came out last September.
  • Well , kinda
    It lost allot of stuff for the UniBody , such as the HDMI-out , the Kick stand , the upgradable battery (due to the UniBody design) & the black body
    Basically it lost almost everything that made it uniqe phone (beside the 4.3") still , in my country the Desire HD is more expensive than an iPhone 4 (think 800 USD)
  • Hopefully it'll support tmo usa's 3g or even hopefully hspa+
  • Come on HTC give us the EVO 3D for Rogers in Canada. The last phone Rogers released was the Original Galaxy S and the Acer Liquid.
  • HTC I want a Neon Blue EVO that flashes when the phone rings or a Clear See Thru EVO so I can see all the good stuff on the inside
  • I hope they enjoy the handset out there. Here in the states and especially on sprint this going to be a big device for android as well. Nothing will be better than this device.
  • I'm thinking if it does go to Europe it won't have the EVO name since I believe that Sprint owns the EVO name as part of the Evo line of phones. Yes they are all currently HTC but who's to say that won't change. Evo is to Sprint as Droid is to Verizon.
  • It could go as Desire 3D , you know just like the OG Desire , HD & S
  • I don't think the Evo name will go to anyone but Sprint, like others have said that it might go as the Desire 3D. I like the fact that the Evo name has become a huge hit on Sprint, it really stands out. I do find it funny how non-usa users bash the us for prices and speed of our networks but cry like crazy when we get a specific phone that won't be released overseas or at a later date with less features.
  • Not true. The original EVO 4G is coming to Japan next month with the same name. My guess is the EVO name is exclusive to Sprint in North America, but overseas HTC can use it as they'll be free from competing or giving the phone to a common competitor of Sprint from the American marketplace to sell.
  • I hope the the EVO 3D to Telus.
  • Will it work on AT&T?
  • yes
  • Gross
  • Ahh yes baby! Come to UK :D