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'HTC First' Facebook phone UI pictured in leaked shots


A minimalist mix of vanilla Android and Facebook influences

A day after we got our first look at the external hardware of the 'HTC First,' more leaked images claim to show the device's UI. Expectedly, today's images, released by 9to5Google in collaboration with @evleaks, put the new 'Facebook Home' home screen launcher front and center. That means your Facebook news feed becomes an integral part of the phone's main app. But what's a little surprising is that the rest of the phone's UI seems pretty close to vanilla Android -- the three leaked images show the stock Gallery, Camera, Phone and Settings apps, along with Google apps like Search, Chrome and the Play Store. Even on a Facebook phone, the Google influence is plain to see.

The big question remains, though -- besides a custom launcher, what is Facebook bringing to the table that requires its own hardware? We suppose we'll find out tomorrow at the company's launch event in California.

Source: 9to5Google

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex is global Executive Editor for Android Central, and is usually found in the UK. He has been blogging since before it was called that, and currently most of his time is spent leading video for AC, which involves pointing a camera at phones and speaking words at a microphone. He would just love to hear your thoughts at, or on the social things at @alexdobie.

  • They should have made this when Facebook was more relevant.
  • It is still relevant. You notice how many people still use it? lol
  • I love comments like these. They are made by fools that think their special because they've "moved on" from facebook. You just sound like an ultra hipster. Facebook is relevant. Its as relevant as Google and Apple and Samsung, and you're a fool to think otherwise.
  • ummm... yeah no.. Facebook pretty much sucks now.. it has the SAME feel that Myspace had back in the day when i quit and left Myspace for facebook.. and now facebook has finally done it. The last straw was the RED = sign crap. Quit my facebook account. Move on to google +.. amazingly i don't see Ads, and BULL CRAP being shoved in my face on Google +. It feels nice and cozy. Back on topic, I hope facebook really is making a phone, i REALLY DO.. because it's going to tank bad.. and i can't wait.
  • wait, the red = signs were done completely by the users of is that fb's fault? and also, its for a pretty good cause. and its completely relevant. you're an idiot to think otherwise. just because you got bored on it (mind you most people have, but everyone still has one - hence why its relevant) doesnt mean that facebook is meaningless anymore. haha.
  • lol these people getting mad because facebook is for old folks now. why would you get mad at someone because they dont like facebook? lol. facebook is on its way out the fad is starting to end like bell bottoms did. get over it.
  • Data suggesting otherwise
  • This is so stupid and sadly Facebook is still relevant. Where do you live?
  • I'm guessing under a bridge with other trolls
  • looks more like an LG rather than HTC!!
  • I frankly don't expect much more that what we're seeing. I still don't know what "deep facebook integration" would really mean when it can already sync with your on-phone contacts, share from any app, etc. I'm just relieved their not breaking sharing in Android, generally. I assume they're trying to solve the problem of how you give a consistent, glanceable Facebook experience to people, which really probably what a lot of people want. Beyond that, it's simple and unobjectionable. I just wonder how aggressive the app is going to be about trying to get you to turn it on.
  • The contact syncing isn't very good on all phones. On my Rezound it kept unsyncing then asking me to sync them all over again over and over on a daily basis. I had to use Friendcaster to sync my FB contacts and KEEP them synced.
  • Maybe free voip calling?
  • The big highlight will be Facebook ads streamed directly to your home screen, in between text messages, in your email, and at start up and shut down.
  • Good one!
  • The big highlight will be Facebook ads streamed directly to your home screen, in between text messages, in your email, and at start up and shut down.
  • rofl
  • It brings another desperate attempt for facebook to remain relevant and the central aspect of social networking, which is quickly losing as it becomes less and less relevant. The sadness of a different launcher dropped on close to stock android shows this is just as ill conceived as the first htc facebook phone. Don't get me wrong, I myself love stock android but the intersection of stock android lovers and users who want facebook to be the prime aspect of their smartphone experience is pretty small, if not nonexistent. Facebook heavy users would probably prefer sense.
  • The funny (sad) thing is that Facebook is still very relevant if your Actual age (or Mental age) hovers around 17. There is nothing shown here that could not be satisfied by a full screen widget or lockscreen widget. The hard part will be keeping Facebook addicts under their Data Plan Caps.
  • not relevant may be harsh, I think most people keep their facebook accounts around and check them occasionally, but the younger generation has moved past facebook and I think facebook's heyday and coolness has past.
  • +1
  • The real question is can I play FarmVille on it......
  • Not sure about Farmville, but I'm pretty sure it'll play Crysis.
  • Doubt it. More like turn-by-turn based monopoly maybe.....
  • if it weren't for those left and right arrows on the bottom, i would've sworn this was a leak of the long rumoured budget iPhone.
  • The question is who is actually going to buy this phone? Lmao
  • I bet this phone dies faster then Microsoft's Kin....Remember those don't you?? I have never owned one but just the sight of it haunts me....
  • OK, I'll say it, it doesn't look that bad. Albeit a leak, it's not a bad looking low end phone no matter what other ones it may look like. As long as the back of the phone doesn't have a big 'Like' logo on the back, it could do well. Even the launcher/ui blend is decent. There's a target market this phone is trying to hit which it looks like it could appeal to.
  • It is certainly going to have the messenger calling feature that they have been talking about and have released in England I believe. There is your integration.
  • What is Facebook bringing to the table that requires its own hardware?
    - Location Services that are always on.
    - Push-ads that can't be disabled.
    - Address Book that is permanently and publicly broadcast around you.
    - System-wide One-Tap-Buy virtual wallet that's directly linked to your bank account.
    - Hardware "Like" button (Pro version).
    - Eye-tracking "Auto-Like" (RT version): everything you read (web pages, emails, pictures, text messages, tweets) is automatically "Liked".
    - Daily backups and unlimited free data as long as you talk to Facebook.
  • People who say Facebook isn't relevant make me laugh. What are you all so in denial about with regards to it? Google+ isn't as widely used which hinders people switching to it completely and then theres Twitter. It clearly couldn't be more relevant.. Stop being so elitist thinking just because you don't use it, its therefore irrelevant when it obviously still is.
  • Irrelevant is the wrong word. cuz it still does the same thing its always done. Facebook is most definitely not the force it use to be. If they are not in the news for a security breach its something else... if your not reconnecting with an old friend or selling something its completely useless.. Im 24 years old and i can tell you a majority of my friends feel the same way. some don't have an account some check it less then i check my own.. its a time waster... its the viral version of smoking dope... I like to spend my free time doing something like chilling outside, learning , or making money... not checking up on my ex from high school. I will say the facebook launcher has to be the best idea they have had... it will cater to people who want it and not restrict hardware or carriers.