After launching Edge Sense on the U11, HTC followed this up with Edge Launcher on the U11+. Edge Launcher allows you to squeeze the sides of your U11 handset to get a calendar and array of apps, contacts, and quick settings right at your fingertips, and it's a nice alternative to squeezing your phone for one particular application.

HTC recently updated its Edge Launcher app on the Play Store, and there are a couple big improvements that make Edge Launcher even more useful.

For starters, Edge Launcher can now be triggered from the lock screen. You've previously had to unlock your phone before you could use Edge Launcher, but now you can squeeze at any time to bring it up.

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Along with this, HTC has also added new shortcuts for Battery Saver, Auto Rotate, and Wi-Fi Hotspot, in addition to now letting you customize the order of which these appear on Edge Launcher.

This new version of Edge Launcher is available on the Play Store now, and you can grab it by tapping the button at the top of this article.



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