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HTC: Don't sit on your Nexus One

So CNET UK had a Nexus One whose screen mysteriously cracked and turned purple while merely charging on a desk. At Google's urging, they handed it over to HTC for further study. The results:

"Putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down would usually cause the kind of damage," suggested our support guy. He agreed that it's possible that a small crack could spread over time, like a ding in a car window.

Words to live by, we suppose. But the question remains: What happened to Crave's Nexus One screen? Maybe it cracked under the weight of not knowing what's wrong with its multitouch? (Self-flagellation zinger there, folks.) []

  • The skinny jeans generation is to blame for all this. Google shouldn't be responsible for those losers. In fact, their warranties should be voided just for their lame fashion sense alone. Unless it was a girl. Then she should just store her phone in her purse. {{-_-}}
  • Hmmm...who to believe? CNET, a large company whose business model depends on user trust, or HTC, whose business model depends on their product not having a reputation of self-exploding while charging? Tough choice. We know of TechCrunch having a blogger be dishonest recently, so big well-trusted blogs can't be trusted 100%, obviously. Yet we also know that iPods and other devices like laptops have simultaneously overheated and burst into flames in people's products, and it took years and lawsuits before Apple and others came clean on the problem. Still remains a tough choice. Personally, I'm going to believe CNET on this one until they fess up that some intern just didn't want to get blamed for the damage and have to pay to replace the phone himself.
  • Is it just me, or does HTC hardware seem very flakey? I mean, first with the soft-buttons (having to hit above the button in order for it to work). Now, things like this. I seriously think Google should have stuck with Motorola. Do they have a microphone problem? yes. Is it fixed in most all DROID phones? Yes. Maybe HTC is just too new of a company? I dunno.
  • HTC's been in business since 1997. They've been making handheld devices for at least 10 years, and WinMo phones for 8 years:
  • Which gives them even less of an excuse. {{-_-}}
  • Seiously, after owning a recent palm device coughprecough, their Quality Control far exceeds Palm's. I'm happy with my Hero internally and externally. Sure it could be faster and have more RAM... but complaints are dust under screen (i don't have any, and its a newer model of the phone which makes me believe the tackled that issue) and paint coming off the hard key buttons, another problem I don't have, but I could see it happening with the design, especially people with nails. Otherwise, its a solidly built phone. After watching them bend the N1 in their videos, I'm more inclined to say this is user fault, they put it through some real abuse.
  • Already posted this in your forums
  • Glad I have the Droid. Nothing can break Gorilla Glass!
  • DROID!
  • Reminds me of the Google video at the HTC plant doing all the stress testing. The robot arm was twisting and pushing down so hard on the screen that the phone was bending. Must have been some tight jeans.