Is HTC Developing an Android Netbook For T-Mobile?

TmoToday is reporting that HTC is working on an Android-powered, netbook-type device with 3G connectivity for T-Mobile.  Hmm...interesting. Though these HTC netbook rumors are strictly rumors for now, it may be a market that HTC, Android, and T-Mobile are interested in.

The current trend in computing is moving towards these affordable, one-trick-pony netbooks and though it's garnered a lot of buzz, no one has yet to put out the definitive netbook. With the market so young, could Android take the industry by storm and become the operating system to base netbooks on?

But we have to ask the question again, are any of you guys interested in an Android-powered netbook? Personally, we're interested by the idea but we're not sure how well it'll be executed.


Casey Chan