HTC Desire X gets SIM-free pricing in the UK

The first pricing information for HTC's new Desire X has become available over at an online UK-based retailer. Clove Technology is now listing the Desire X for pre-order with a SIM-free price of £228 inc. VAT (£190 exc. VAT). The phone, which is offered in "stealth black" and "neutral white," is expected to begin shipping in Europe later this month.

As we discovered during our hands-on time with the HTC Desire X, it's a nicely balanced mid-range smartphone, with a few outstanding features, including a 5MP BSI rear camera a sharp SuperLCD display and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU. Around the £200 mark, you'll be hard pushed to find a similarly-spec'd device, and HTC's Sense 4 remains one of our favorite Android UIs.

More pre-order info can be found at the source link. If you're still on the fence about the Desire X, be sure to check out our hands-on coverage of the phone from IFA 2012.

Source: Clove

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Cam someone explain sim free price? Is this off contract fee? Thanks
  • When buying SIM free you only Pay for the phone itself.
  • Yes, it is like a prepaid phone except that it works on all carriers once you add their sim card. Please note that even though qualcomm calls it a snapdragon S4, it is not at all close to the rest of the S4:s we have seen. It actually consists of two (A5 slightly slower then A9) and a adreno 203 (new gpu, probably slower then the 205 in the desire HD of 2 years past), while the krait S4 has two ~A15 CPU:s that almost perform on par with quadcore A9:s and the Gpu is the adreno 225 that is about 3 times better then the adreno 205.
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  • Lol people don't know what's Sim-free & GSM.. weird! The whole international market uses Sim-Free/Unlocked/GSM Phones!
  • America my friend. American subsidized phones.
  • Calling it SIM free vs Unlocked is why anyone questioned it.