HTC Desire HD 'Ace' and Desire Z 'Vision' show up in Vodafone inventory system

We're still not entirely sure what's planned for a couple of HTC codename-phones that have been floating around -- the Ace and Vision, but damned if they haven't appeared in an inventory system for Vodafone D2 in Germany as the Desire HD (a name we've heard before) and Desire Z, respectively. German blog BestBoyZ says the Desire HD should be similar to the aluminum unibody design of the HTC Legend (read our full review of that one), and have features of of the HD2 and Desire (whatever that means).

Now, any release here in the U.S. is likely to come under some other name, but it looks like these phones may be closer to breaking their cover. Oh, and do note the addition of the original Desire with its new SLCD screen listed. [BestBoyZ via Google Translate] Thanks, Patrick!

Phil Nickinson
  • we need pics of this phone!! btw is the Vision meant to be an android phone?
  • What's that 1400mah battery for? 1400 doesn't sound too promising, although better than the 1300 like in the Eris.
  • Desire HD sounds promising, hopefully it has a good multi touch sensor, GPU, runs on ATT...
  • Good job digging, thanks for the info.