HTC Aria looks like a tiny Droid Incredible-Evo 4G mash-up

What do you get when you cross the HTC Desire with the Evo 4G and Droid Incredible? From the looks of this leaked shot, you get the HTC Aria. Those are the same capacitive buttons from the Evo 4G, the blocky shape of the Droid Incredible and the trackpad from Desire (and Incredible), all rolled into a pretty small Frankenphone. That's a business card on the right, so we're not talking about a hefty device here. The Aria's been rumored for AT&T, but there's been nothing more solid than that. So maybe we'll see this one alongside the Backflip and (eventually, maybe) the Dell Aero and/or Samsung Galaxy S. Or maybe it's just the Phone that Should Not Be. [via Android Guys]

Phil Nickinson