HTC announces international Vive pricing — €899 for many countries

A day before $799 preorders go on sale U.S., HTC has announced international pricing information for the consumer version of its Vive virtual reality kit. Depending on the country, price stays close to what we'll be paying here in the States, or it goes up by a couple hundred dollars or so. And that's, of course, not counting the high-end PC you'll need to run Vive in the first place.

Nations in the Eurozone will have to pony up €899.00 — that's about $991 USD. China, however, will pay the equivalent of $1,056 USD. (European prices include tax.)

HTC also announced that in addition to Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator, Google's Tilt Brush 3D drawing app will be included in the pre-order bundle. (If you haven't seen it, it's fantastic.)

Source (and more prices): HTC Vive blog

Phil Nickinson