HTC announces Desire Z QWERTY slider

HTC this morning at its London event announced the Desire Z (aka the Vision) -- a four-row QWERTY device (they're not calling it a slider, apparently). Think of it as the T-Mobile G2 for the rest of the world.

Made of aluminum, it's got Android 2.2 with the revamped HTC Sense, 1.5GB of program memory, 512MB of RAM all powered by an 800MHz Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor on a 3.7-inch SLCD screen at 480x800. There's a 5MP camera with 720p video recording and a 1300mAh battery, and DLNA media sharing if your'e into that sort of thing.

The Desire Z should be available sometime next month. Again, not in the U.S., folks. [via Modaco]

Phil Nickinson
  • The Desire Z looks simply stunning but I cant get why they used softkeys the N1 proved there less responsive and the original Desire shows that hard keys can be more functional without looking detracting from design.
    Heres the first hands on vid of the new HTC devices (not in english) via:nomobile
  • Keyboard is different than the G2.
  • I hope this and the Desire HD come to the US.
  • This is already coming .... it's pretty much the same thing as the G2 for Tmobile.... AND the DESIRE HD is the EUROPEAN version of the EVO... It's not coming here. That's just how HTC does things
  • I can see that people are still saying this is a European version of Evo. This is NOT the case! This baby features the new second generation Snapdragon processor MSM8255 (rumored to be also used in T-Mobile US myTouch HD), and this baby will use Adreno 205 GPU just like MSM7230 (used by Desire Z). Adreno 205 is MUCH faster than HTC Evo's GPU - Adreno 200! Read this article if you want to know more about Adreno 205:
  • ....omg. . . When people say that they obviously don't mean Spec for Spec... They mean hardware wise mostly aka the Screen Size the 8mp camera 720p HD recording... It's all a first for HTC in Europe and it is most obviously a variation of the EVO
  • Desire Z is already in the US, it's called the G2. As for the HD, I dunno, it's similar to the EVO 4G which also is in the US.
  • I know everyone regrets a "recent upgrade" to a new phone...
    but i'm definitely wishing I waited for this phone instead of the droid2. I can't stand not having a physical keyboard, and sense just seems so much nicer than blur
  • Yes!!! Notification LED is there (inside the handset speaker mesh) I'm sold!
  • So no one mentions that it also has the "programmable" buttons leveled with 3 dots? Similar too the G2.
  • Anyone notice the landscape Sense UI? I would like to have that on my Incredible!!!
  • Tell me ABOUT IT!!!! . . . Gooooodness... That's all I ever wanted from Sense UI on my HERO and EVO
  • Wow. Looks like a very nice phone. I LOVE my epic but I do have to admit I have a soft spot for HTC and especially HTC sliders. Cant wait to see this one released.
  • Will this work on AT&T 3G? If so where do I buy one.
  • I don't care what anyone says, this doesn't look impressive.
  • The T-Mobile G2 has a leg up on internal storage. It has 4GB compared to the DZ's 1.5. Otherwise, they're like fraternal twins. If the amount of effort that it took to put the Sense UI ROM from the Desire on the Nexus One is any indication, then I'd expect a fully functional version of Sense available for the G2 in a couple of weeks.
  • I am so getting this phone!!!! My contract ends at the end of this month and just have to decide if to pay full price and have it unbranded and unlocked or to take my free upgrade and have it locked to T-Mobile hmmmm...... May sell my Desire for the Z, god I miss having a keyboard...have noticed I send far less texts without a keyboard and never use msn or FB chat now.