HTC addresses AMOLED stock issues by moving to Sony Super LCD panels

Good news for all of you waiting for your HTC Incredible to ship.  We heard the rumors about HTC stopping production of certain models with AMOLED screens, so Phil got on the horn and rung up HTC for some answers.  HTC tells us that they will be augmenting production with "Super LCD" displays from Sony, but models with AMOLED displays will still be made.  They say that they are almost indistinguishable from AMOLED displays, even when side by side.  (We'll just have to see, we guess.) The battery consumption is also supposed to be comparable.  In the end, this means that we should be seeing some stock on the shelves a bit sooner, and as far as HTC is concerned, they are just as awesome as the original.

Whether or not this means a new model number for the Incredible, Nexus One and Desire is anyone's guess, but we can all relax -- there's no conspiracy afoot.  As soon as we're able to get our paws on a model with the new display, you can be sure we'll put it through its paces.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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