HTC addresses AMOLED stock issues by moving to Sony Super LCD panels

Good news for all of you waiting for your HTC Incredible to ship.  We heard the rumors about HTC stopping production of certain models with AMOLED screens, so Phil got on the horn and rung up HTC for some answers.  HTC tells us that they will be augmenting production with "Super LCD" displays from Sony, but models with AMOLED displays will still be made.  They say that they are almost indistinguishable from AMOLED displays, even when side by side.  (We'll just have to see, we guess.) The battery consumption is also supposed to be comparable.  In the end, this means that we should be seeing some stock on the shelves a bit sooner, and as far as HTC is concerned, they are just as awesome as the original.

Whether or not this means a new model number for the Incredible, Nexus One and Desire is anyone's guess, but we can all relax -- there's no conspiracy afoot.  As soon as we're able to get our paws on a model with the new display, you can be sure we'll put it through its paces.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Does the new screen mean no glare issues?
  • Oh, yeah. Forgot to mention that. I asked, and that has to do with the coating, not whether it's AMOLED. Sorry.
  • There has to be some advantage to changing the screen, or why do it?
  • Not necessarily. If the screen provides approximately the same features at the same cost, they may just be using it to meet demand. "HTC tells us that they will be augmenting production with..." sounds to me like they're just doing it to stop further delays and that it may or may not be a permanent switch. My guess is that HTC is probably just rushing to fill orders in hopes that people who don't cancel their orders to switch to a Motorola Droid X will be too lazy to return their new shiny toy for something much better at the same price. I know that personally, had I not been 4 days out of the return window, I'd have returned mine and waited for the Droid X. If HTC is really lucky, the Motorola Droid X will suffer from the same type of supply shortage as the Incredible and the HTC EVO 4G are currently. If that's the case, and the AMOLED screens are backordered, now HTC can fill the demand for users who don't want to wait for the Droid X to become available to them.
  • Shortage on Amoled screens........ The reason the incredible had been or of stock....
  • "Super LCD"
    I never heard of that. Looking forward to the comparison with AMOLED and performance in sunlight.
  • As an Android fan awaiting some of the new devices I know are upcoming (like Galaxy S on multiple carriers ... but I'll skip ATT, thank you), this is my big fear: these Android devices are compelling but they always sell out and waits are long ... Meanwhile, despite iPhone 4 shortages, I could probably get an iPhone 4 before an EVO 4G. This actually is a big negative, and gives the iPhone a big advantage, while the multiple form factors of Android phones and multiple carriers do the same for Android. I understand why: no one expects an iPhone-ish hit, so they don't prepare and make as many. It means, however, that if a device I am waiting for ships in August I might not get it until December, but by then a more compelling Android phone will have been announced (or I will know about it since we work with pre-release hardware).
  • I'm glad. When I got my Incredible after having the original Droid since day 1, I thought, what the hell, I can see the pixels. I'm not a fan of pentile or pentacel arrangement, and with Apple upping the game, I think true 480-800 is the lowest res high end smartphones should be. Looking forward to getting the Droid X next month and maybe in a year the resolution will 960x1600 for a neuro display on our beloved Android devices.
  • I am one of the ones who is expecting my DINC to ship sometime after 6/28 and suppose to have before the holiday .I am hoping its the amoled screen but guess I will know when it gets here :/
  • Would this Super LCD be likely to lack some of the saturation of the current AMOLED? I'm well aware already of the limitations of my current Inc's AMOLED, but I do love its almost over-saturated nature compared to even some of the best LCDs, which can sometimes look a little "washed out", despite often being more "crisp."
  • Normal AMOLED screens are pretty lame. Overblown colors and poor sunlight performance. I think these will be upgrades to the current HTC models =p
  • True about the sunlight issues, but I do love their perfect black levels admittedly.
  • Without a new model number combined with buyers being aware of which model they're buying, this is a disaster waiting to happen - there will no shortage of people complaining that they got either the old crappy one or the new crappy one.
  • Very true.
  • Nothing's crappy, I smell troll shit.
  • I could have said that better. I don't think that either variation will be crappy. What I meant is that if there are two variations of the device, but no distinction in model number or name, users will be unable to know what they're getting until they get it. Invariably, some will be disappointed, thinking they received the lesser of the two variations and had no choice in the matter. They will feel cheated, and will likely be vocal about it.
  • Most people wont even notice and of the ones that do most wont really care. The vast majority of the people out there ordering these things are not as tech savvy as the users on this site.
  • you aint got no pancake mix!
  • =3 Rules!
  • Surprised no one saw this yet (or commented on it): So there ya go...sorry pre-Incredible owners but you'll have to wait just a bit longer. But hey at least you'll be able to say you have something we don't!
  • LOL. S-LCD is NOT "Super LCD" S-LCD is a lcd manufacturing COMPANY NAME formed through a joint venture by Samsung and Sony. It's based in South Korea, home to Samsung. What HTC is doing is bascially giving up one of Samsung's products for another one. HTC isnt "pissed". Some of these journalists who make up these stories try too hard to put some personality to companies as if they are people. There are no pissy contests, its all business, all about making money. No matter where device manufacturers go, Samsung will ALWAYS be there. This company has its footing in practically all major electronic components business, from LED lights to core processors.
  • Here is a wiki for "S-LCD" So basically, Samsung owns the majority share of the "S-LCD" company so therefore, they own the company. Want the big picture? HTC is changing their minds about AMOLED due to production shortage so they are ordering Samsung's LCDs instead.
  • Can you get on the phone with HTC and ask why the Incredible is the only phone that doesn't have a desktop cradle? HTC EVO had one before its release
    Moto Droid had one before its release
    Moto Droid X had one before its release No accessories for the Incredible. This is absolutely pathetic.
  • I am not so impressed with these AMOLED screens anyways. Invisible when I am outside and inaccurate colors when I am able to see the screen. Plus, I am not convinced that they are any better on power consumption...on my Nexus One it seems like it is much worse...but there are also other factors with that phone. AMOLED reminds me of the difference between my old HP Jornada PDA and the Compaq iPaqs. Sure, inside the Jornada looked nicer, but was invisible outside and near Windows, just like my Nexus One. The LCD on my iPaq was fine no matter what. BTW, I am typing this in the sunroom under two story windows using the LCD on my HD2 :D
  • WTF! Alot of people with TEP are going to be dropping their phones for better screens. Might be worth $100. Same thing happened with Pre, joined up with Sprint and Plus came out on Verizon. WTF do these phone makers decide to screw early adopters??