HTC A9292 may be Sprint WiMAX 'Supersonic'

A Sprint roadmap recently was unearthed by Phone Arena, showing off an HTC A9292 "WiMAX bar handset." Now Engadget says it has the goods on the phone. Hope you're sitting down.

The codename reportedly is "Supersonic," which showed up a month or so ago in that giant batch of leaked codenames. It'll have a 4.3-inch display (regular ol' LED) and essentially is an Android 2.1-powered HD2 with a Snapdragon processor, with Sense on board to boot. It'll also have a kickstand, (and we're willing to bet it's not just for looks and that it'll serve as an antenna, like on the Windows Mobile Verizon Imagio, for FLO TV). It's reportedly been seen in white, but it's unclear if that'll make it into production, or if it's just a prototype model. Also, the software was said to be so buggy that any release likely is a good ways off.

So with what we "know" now, we're pretty much looking at a Android HD2 with WiMAX and possibly FLO TV. That got any of you Sprint fans foaming at the mouth yet?

Phil Nickinson