HP Zeen

The Zeen is the Android tablet from HP -- that gianormus company that bought Palm and still felt a need to bring us an Android device.  Turns out it really does ship with the Zeus printer bundle, and it brings a very different Android than we're used to. HP's calling it their TouchSmart UI, and it looks like it may be a simplified and functional desktop style arrangement instead of the standard homescreen and dynamic content system we're used to.  We've not actually handled the thing, so all this could be just a new skin and widget setup as well.  In either case, it looks like this won't be a 'with Google' device so the standard Google apps and Market are missing. 

In other words, instead of a new Android tablet, we are seeing a stand alone printer that operates on Android.  The fact that you can pop off the "control panel" and use it as a tablet happens just because HP was smart enough to think of it.  Even though it gives me a fuzzy open source feeling, I'm not going to run out and get it because it happens to be an Android device.  But next time I'm in the market for a printer you can bet I'll give it a good look. [Engadget]