HP TouchPad

In just a day or so the HP TouchPad will be available in stores, giving hungry webOS fans something to feast on.  Today, our pal Derek Kessler at PreCentral.net has unleashed his monster TouchPad Review. The specs are right on target with the rest of the tablet market, including Android, and while it may be a little portly at 1.63 pounds, according to the the folks lucky enough to be holding one, it seems solidly built.

I spent a few minutes reading Derek's in-depth two part review at PreCentral, and while not a webOS fan myself, it looks pretty compelling.  It has a few shortcomings, but it also does some things I'd love to see on the Android side -- like the communication with a webOS phone. To wit:

The TouchPad’s not a perfect tablet by any stretch of the imagination. It has its faults, but by and large those are correctable missteps, bugs, or omissions on the software front. While no number of software updates can make the TouchPad thinner, lighter, or sprout a rear-facing camera, the hardware is solid and up to the task of whatever you can throw at it. We didn’t even try to break the TouchPad with a Too Many Cards error – we don’t have the patience to figure out how many apps it takes to reach that 1GB RAM ceiling.

In the end, it looks like everybody but Windows Phone (hi, guys!) is on the right track to provide a great tablet experience to users.  Let's hope they get on board soon.  Get yourself a cold beverage, and check out Derek's review. 

Source: PreCentral part one, part two