Santa on Google EarthSanta Tracker app

There's a plethora of ways to track Santa Claus online today. Here are the two I'm thrusting at my kids.

  • Google Earth: Everybody's favorite 3D(ish) map app is, of course, tracking that jolly fat guy in the red suit. It's available both in the desktop version as well as on your phone. Look for the "Follow Santa" link in the Tour Guide section. Download Google Earth here.
  • Google Santa Tracker: This one's also available on your phone or in a desktop browser. It's more two-dimensional, but I think it's a little more fun for the kids, too. Looks more like a tracker and less like a "Hey, look, we've slapped Santa on Google Earth" type of thing. Get the Android app here, and check it out in your browser here.

And be sure to remind your kids that he can see them when they're fighting over your phone.