How to watch Woke: Stream Hulu's new timely comedy series anywhere

Hulu Woke
Hulu Woke (Image credit: Hulu)

Woke is the new Hulu original series that follows a cartoonist Keef Knight as he deals with the fallout from a run in with the police. As a result of being wrongly arrested, post traumatic stress disorder causes the San Francisco artist to begin seeing inanimate objects talking to him. The series has received initial praise from critics who say the show is funny and timely.

The premise, and even title, may seem like it was created as a result of this summer's police brutality protests, but the show was created well before those recent events. Woke loosely follows the story of real-life artist Keith Knight who was on the verge of mainstream success when he had his own experience with police. The cast includes Lamorne Morris in the lead role, who you might recognize from the show New Girl, T. Murph from Saturday Night Live, and Blake Anderson from Workaholics.

Woke: When & where

The Hulu original series Woke contains eight episodes which will all become available on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Like all Hulu original shows and movies, it should become available just after midnight eastern time. The show will be available on-demand for all Hulu subscribers including those on the lowest priced, ad-supported plan.

How to watch Woke with Hulu

Because it's a Hulu original series, the only way to watch Woke at the current time is to have an active subscription to Hulu. It doesn't matter which plan you pay for, whether it's the premium version with no ads, the live TV plan, or the standard $5.99 per month ad-support version. For those that would like to try it out before committing, Hulu does offer a free one-month trial to get started. During the free month you can watch all Hulu original films, including The Binge as well as its other recent hit, Palm Springs.

Tyler Hayes