How to watch the series debut of I Can See Your Voice

I Can See Your Voice
I Can See Your Voice (Image credit: Fox)

Need something new to watch? Something that's sure to be entertaining for your entire family? Well, I don't know much but I do know Ken Jeong is a hoot no matter what he does. And tonight he's hosting the series debut of Fox's I Can See Your Voice. If you haven't heard of this show, you probably live in the U.S. because it's an international sensation that started in South Korea and now has 14 different versions in 13 different countries. Tonight begins the first episode of the U.S. version, and this is a show you won't want to miss.

I Can See Your Voice is a singing competition that doesn't initially involve much singing. That's because it's also part game show and has a contestant that must decide who's a good or bad singer without actually hearing them sing. The contestants will work through a series of clues and challenges to eliminate different secret vocalists all for the possibility of winning $100,000 if they get it right by the end. The final remaining singer will then do a duet with a major superstar to reveal whether they are good or bad.

In a world indundated with reality shows and game shows, this one at least sounds unique. Plus, not only does the show feature Ken Jeong and a musical superstar every episode, it also has a panel that will include singer Adrienne Bailon and actress Cheryl Hines along with different celebrity guest stars.

Here's how to watch this amazing new show when it airs:

I Can See Your Voice: When and Where?

The first episode of the series debuts tonight, Sept. 23, on Fox at 9 p.m. Eastern. It is following The Masked Singer season 4 premiere, which is important if you're a Ken Jeong fan because he's on that show, too.

How to watch Fox from anywhere

It's not always easy or convenient to stop what you're doing and catch a brand new show. Ideally you want to be in your home, chilling on your couch, surrounded by friends or family, and enjoying the new show together. But sometimes the world just doesn't work like that. If you're traveling or on the road, stuck using public Wi-Fi that doesn't feel too secure, or you just live in a place that doesn't have the access you need, you do have options if you want to tune in tonight to watch.

Time to sign up for one of the best VPNs (Virtual Private Network) around. VPNs allow you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or mobile so that you can access the right service to watch the Fox broadcast.

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How to watch I Can See Your Voice online

If you don't have a cable subscription, Fox is often pretty easy to access with an HDTV antenna like the Mohu ReLeaf. However, I Can See Your Voice airs tonight, and if you don't already have an antenna it's not going to arrive in time. You need a faster way to access Fox so you can watch right now. We've got that covered.

Your first and most convenient option would be Sling TV. The Sling Blue package only costs $30 a month and includes Fox among dozens of other channels. You'll be able to stream live TV on up to three different mobile devices. Plus, with the 10 hours of DVR you can record the show for your family who couldn't watch it live.

Usually when you sign up with Sling there are two packages to choose from. You can even choose to get both if you want to pay more. However, if all you care about is Fox then get the Sling Blue package. It costs $30 a month. There are also deals you can take advantage of. Prepay for two months of Sling and get a free AirTV Mini that gives you access to a lot of streaming apps, including your new Sling package. Or you can sign up for a deal that gives you one of the Sling packages plus a month of Showtime, Starz, and Epix for just $20 for the first month. Whichever way you choose to go, Sling TV is the cheapest and easiest way to get access to the show tonight.

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There are a few other ways to gain access to Fox without paying for a cable subscription:

  • YouTube TV - $65 per month - Includes over 85 channels along with Fox and plenty of other entertainment networks. With unlimited storage for recording and no contracts, this is one of the more robust ways to watch TV. It's also one of the more expensive options.
  • Hulu with Live TV - $55 per month - It's likely that the show will be on Hulu in a day or two if you're using the regular service, but if you want to watch it live you'll need the Live TV add-on that bumps the price up to as much as $55 a month.
  • AT&T TV Now - $55 per month - Another easy way to access Fox. Plus, you can upgrade to the $80 a month plan that includes access to HBO Max. The service allows you to watch over 45 live TV channels and you can also record up to 20 hours of content using its cloud DVR.
  • - $55 per month - Fubo is normally reserved for sports, but Fox airs a lot of sports. And that's all you need to watch tonight's show.

A new type of game show

Without actually seeing the American version, it's tough to know whether this will be mostly game show or mostly singing show. It's definitely going to be a strong mix of both, and that's why this format might just appeal to a whole lot of people. There will be challenges and puzzles for the game show fans, music superstars and powerful duets for the music fans, terrible singing and hijinks for the comedy fans. Plus with people like Ken Jeong and Cheryl Hines at the helm, you know it's going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Tune into Fox tonight, Sept. 23, however you can and watch the debut of the series. It might just get you hooked.

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