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How to view the 'Most Recent' feed in the new Facebook app

There's no way to set it as the default, but if you just have to see the Most Recent posts first, you have an option.

It seems as though Facebook's interface is ever-changing, but the latest UI overhaul hitting devices is pretty dramatic. It's mostly for the best, bringing a cleaner look and surfacing more features rather than hiding them behind obscure menus. A few things have become harder to find, however — one of which is the "Most Recent" News Feed view.

The newly-redesigned Facebook app now only shows the "Top Stories" view for your News Feed, which surfaces content that it thinks is most relevant to you, rather than what's been posted or interacted with most recently. In the old app you could simply change the setting from the default to show Most Recent in the main view, but now you'll have to do a little digging.

To view the Most Recent feed, tap or swipe over to the far right tab (three horizontal lines, titled "More") of the Facebook app, and scroll down to the "Feeds" section, right under "Apps." Here, you'll see any different feeds you've created with friend or family groups, but you'll also see "Most Recent" as an option. Tap that entry and you'll be shown a completely interactive view of your News Feed based on time rather than some other algorithm. You can go back to the settings page by hitting the back button or tapping the "News Feed" button in the top left corner of the app.

Now it should be noted that no matter what you do the main News Feed view of the new app will always be Top Stories, so after you close out of the Most Recent view in the settings you'll be back to the old sorting method until you manually go view it again. It's not the best situation ever, but at least you have that option if you want to spend the few extra taps to do it.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Facebook: "we know who your real friends are and what really interests you." Posted via Android Central App
  • I think they know better than I do.
  • One of the things I hate most about Facebook, and the main reason why I've started migrating to G+ and Twitter
  • Google+ and Twitter are slowly fading away from going in order of time posted though. Google+ regularly uses its "Sort By Bullshit" algorithm to put posts out of order, and Twitter now lets you pin posts, lets advertisers put posts in places and shows conversations out of chronological order.
  • Agreed. Quit facebook and use Google+ now but Google+ is just as bad if not worse with their algorithm bs.
  • Lol +Andrew Martonik say it ain't so! I don't think I follow enough people on Google+ to notice it yet, and it's pretty much all Android Central people lol. But that is a bit disconcerting :-/
  • I'm with you, this is dumb and may get me off Facebook entirely. I'm in the alpha group and have been using the flat UI for a few weeks, I HATE the top stories view as default.
  • I would already be off facebook if i actually had friends that used google plus... thats STILL the problem though!! this change is SO INFURIATING!!
  • Every time there's a Google+ update I check to see if it's the one that includes the "make my friends give a shit" function. Nope, not yet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Or you can add it to your "favorites" tab then its only 2 clicks away. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's 2 taps away here, too. Tap "more," tap "Most Recent."
  • The favorites method eliminates the "scroll down through the random crap until you get to most recent" step before the second tap though.
  • Hi, how do you add the Most Recent tab to your favorites menu?
  • I've also noticed that occasionally, once in a great while, Facebook will give me the option to change my main feed to most recent instead of top stories. It's almost like a bug though because just as quickly it's gone. Anyone else have this happen?
  • What VERY strange is i check the version numbers on the apps install on my wifes note 3 and my s5, same EXACT version number except she can change to most recent stories as the menu key above the news feed is still in her app, but not mine.. WTH facebook?!?!?
  • Not everyone has gotten the new interface. The interface is toggled server-side, so while the app version may be the same, Facebook has not granted her permission to use the new interface yet. Don't worry, they will make hers harder to use soon enough.
  • I just got this "bug" too! It all of a sudden appeared in the top right corner of the news feed! I was so happy thinking maybe my Facebook app updated without me knowing and they finally gave me my most recent filter back but as I was scrolling through my most recent news feed the button disappeared! Crazy!
  • I hate how Facebook tries to decide who I want to see in between all their sponsored posts. It would be nice to see everything, from everyone....until I decide I don't want to. I don't even see my own family's or close friends' posts.
  • Nope, its usually posts from those poeple you connect with on facebook, say hi, and talk to every year or so.
  • I hate the "top stories" I want to see everything. Not what Facebook wants me to see. I keep my Facebook rather tidy (I don't just add everyone that went the same school or lives in the same town) I only have like 30 friends/family on there. That's all I need. Thus I want to see what EVERYONE is up to. Not just what Facebook thinks is important. Posted via Android Central App
  • Still... Can't... Default...
    -_- ಠ益ಠ
  • as someone who's always on most recent, I can attest that this is just down right annoying. i hate when new versions remove features
  • The new ui is somewhat terrible. But if you hit home rather than back or use the task switcher it'll be kept on the menu tab with most recent open, at least until android kills it for memory. Posted via Android Central App
  • It's called social engineering... Someone else believes they can help us in ways we don't even know we need help.
  • its called economical engineering... facebook can shove more ads in our face this way.
  • Bingo... It's not about them caring about you or your social preferences. It's about money. Glad I quit facebook more than a year ago.
  • "Social engineering" has a very different implication, and not nearly as benevolent. Though it may be oddly appropriate for Facebook, notwithstanding...
  • I don't have a feed's option under my apps... Which version of the Facebook app is this article referring to? I'm on version :(
  • I'm on and I have the Feeds option. Posted via Android Central App
  • I have the same problem as you, and looks like their awesome SILENT installs, are installing different versions on everyone's device. My friend has the version with the FEED option. It is non-existent on mine. Really frustrating. What's the point of reading a NEWSfeed when the news is 3 days old??
  • I had the new interface for a month or two before getting the "official" update on the Play Store. I just got the update today, but before today I had no way to switch to Most Recent like you.
  • I hate it. At first it would open "most recent" like you say, now it takes me to the "news Feed" tab with posts all jumbled up. Posted via Android Central App
  • On my wife's galaxy s3, when you touch "most recent"it takes you straight to the "popular" feed, instead of doing what you asked like on my s3. Have you found a solution yet?
  • Doesnt work for me here on nexus feeds section.......booooo!
  • lg g2 here and my Facebook app doesn't look like this. i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. hmmm
  • That's a good thing..update sucks Posted via Android Central App
  • Clear the app's data... Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5 or LG G2
  • tried that too lol oh well.
  • I don't like this Facebook redesign my defaulting to the "Top Stories" and not remembering the "Most Recent" option...the previous version of the app did remember the news feed changes. Posted via Android Central App on Nexus 5 or LG G2
  • I've been using it since they pushed it out to alpha users a couple weeks ago and it's awful, mainly for the reason this article lays out. Sorry Facebook, I don't want to see the same damn post for three days straight. Now that it's getting a wider release I can rate that bad boy a one. Posted via Android Central App
  • ive been using since it hit beta and its awful I don't like top stories I want recent up to date stories.
  • By far one of the most annoying features users are faced with when using facebook
  • I haven't updated the app since this last update, cuz they always screw something up, this time it's the news feed. At least the annoying reminder to update the app has went away, I'll just stick with the version i have. Posted via Android Central App
  • I left the beta test because there was no list of feed options on that version, and the app was stuck on Top Stories. The majority of comments for each release were "WTF happened to Most Recent," and the response was "Hey, thanks for your feedback." If I could get the dozen people whose lives and opinions matter to me to move over to G+, I would never log into FB ever again.
  • And my OCD is bugging me as the list of apps asking for updates I won't install keeps growing.
  • *headdesk * Most Recent ftw and the more they try and shove the other down my throat the more I will resist.... Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 via Android Central App
  • Did they get rid of all the permissions their app wants on Android? Till they do, I won't be updating. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ding ding ding! I haven't even updated the last version of FB because of them wanting to "post for me and my friends" and need access to SMS...FCK U FB! LOL
  • Well the web browser interface reverts back to "Top Stories", so we shouldn't be too surprised the mobile app does the same.
  • Not on my web browser. It's always on Most Recent.
  • Garbage! Garbage!.......and a Yeah...more garbage. F_©# Facebook in the face. Will not accept this update. Will Not approve it. Posted via Android Central App
  • Why all of a sudden do they think they have the right to take away major functionality. I have always use the most recent as my default. Now this is an arse pain. Way to go FB! Posted via Android Central App
  • When they got you hooked on a service that they provide to you for free. :) They want more money from people to Promote their posts, even personal profiles. Capitalism.
  • Ugh worst change yet. :-\ Posted via Android Central App
  • I couldn't get my invitation to the Samsung London S5 champagne launch unless I liked them on Facebook. I decided to no longer have friends who can't speak, excepting physical reasons. Via my Note 3 on AC.
  • I deleted facebook. i barely used it but the straw the broke the camels back was one day im sitting at my desk and my screen comes on which it only does for phone calls and it was facebook notifying me of someones birthday. bye bye facebook
  • When I delete the data from the App Info page in my phone settings then go in the FB app I have to log in and it's momentarily reverted to the old UI which has the option to change ur default setting to "Most Recent" so I take that moment to do that before it updates itself back to the latest UI.
  • I see on the Play store that the the most recent reviews criticizing the top stories setting are for "an older version." Maybe they're fixing it to restore recent stories? This still hasn't pushed to my phone and I probably won't take it unless it's fixed. Posted via Android Central App and Droid Mini
  • I'm sure my wife, parents and in-laws will be giving me an ear full about the updates as soon as they notice. They hold me personally responsible for all of their tech woes, even though I design jet engine parts for a living and have nothing to do with this stuff. They will all be very disappointed with me when I tell them there is nothing I can do to fix it. -SR- Posted via Android Central App
  • I am using this layout but not for my wife even same version. My wife's version can be sorted as Most Recent. And mine didnt find newsfeed section in More section. How come? That made me not using facebook
  • I like other Android Facebook apps more, but every one has the problem where not all of my friends show up in my timeline. The devs of these apps say it is a known issue that Facebook doesn't care to fix.
  • I've put a write up of the temporary fix I found here:
  • Why does Facebook have this stupid inept mode that no one likes anyway? Why in the hell would I want my posts out of order? Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly!
  • Uninstall 8.0 and revert back to 7.0 (apk file is easy enough to find via Google), problem solved.
  • UGH I really dislike this new version. I could not care less what the top posts are, I want my Most Recent back.
  • dont work for me
  • I recently commented and made a typo thanks to Autocorrect...the other application I use is Paper not Pages.
  • I tried this but do I do not have anything under my Apps except for "Notes". Is there a way I can add the most recent tab?
  • Okay so I found where the old style news feed is buried in the app. If you activate browser log-in notifications, and cause a new log-in notification to occur, by logging in from an unknown source when you select that from your android notifications screen, and confirm the source, you are forwarded to the old feed style from years ago. It is still in the app!!! I have screen shots if anyone is super interested.
  • Yeah, thanks, I'd like to see these screenshots, because I don't understand your trick!
  • My take is I am going to delete the app and just use chrome on my phone to access facebook.