How to use the new Boom Bow in Fortnite

The latest item to be introduced into Fortnite is the Boom Bow, an explosive bow and arrow that dropped into the game late last week. The Boom Bow is an explosive weapon at heart, but one that uses shotgun shells as its primary ammo. Getting effective with the Boom Bow can take some getting used to, but after a couple of tries, you'll be expertly placing explosive shots on enemies with ease.

How to use the new Boom Bow in Fortnite

The Boom Bow can be a bit inconsistent when you use it, but that's mainly due to its ability to charge up. By practicing your aim and how you charge the arrow up, you should be able to get the hang of the Boom Bow pretty quickly.

  1. Hop into any game mode of Fortnite's battle royale mode.
  2. The Boom Bow is a legendary weapon, so finding it might take some luck, but once you do, make sure to equip it.
  3. Use the left trigger to aim with the Boom Bow and the right trigger to charge up a shot.
  4. Charging up a shot also dictates how far the arrow will fly, and at what angle, so what make sure to charge up properly for whatever you're aiming at.

When you first get your hands on the Boom Bow, you'll likely be ill-equipped at taking out enemies, but give it a couple of tries and you'll be a natural in no-time. The Boom Bow deals out explosive damage, so make sure to aim for the body or anywhere around it. If you're accurate/lucky enough to land a headshot, you'll deal double, which can take an enemy out near instantly.

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