How to use Grand Magic in Kingdom Hearts 3

Grand Magic is a new form of magic for Kingdom Hearts 3. However, it does have some attacks that we're already used to like Donald's Flare for example. Grand Magic is different to the other forms of team attacks or transformations in this sequel as its primary use is for in battles. There are no secrets like using magic to get into hidden areas. In this guide, I'll talk to you through how to activate Grand Magic for both Sora and the rest of his team.

In battle: Sora

When you're in battle, you will notice a gauge filling up on your left-hand side that looks like arrows, once they appear you have the ability to trigger Grand Magic. When Sora uses Grand Magic in battle, it will give him an extra strength magic spell to use. So for example, when Sora is using Fire the spell for Grand Magic will be upgraded to Fira.

Remember that like all of the other team attacks and transformations, once the timer runs out you will not be able to use the attack until the next time it's available.

  1. Keep using any form of magic until you have three arrows.
  2. Press the Triangle on PS4 or Y button on Xbox One to activate the attack.

These attacks will stack along the left-hand side with other things to activate, like any Keyblade transformations or team attacks. Getting them stacked in the right order and using them at the right times will be the key to victory even in the toughest of battles.

In battle: Donald and Goofy

Donald and Goofy have their attacks too, much like what we've become more accustomed to from the Kingdom Hearts games. Donald's Comet has been replaced with Meteor, but happily, Flare is still around. Goofy has a set of attacks too for just himself and Sora, but unfortunately, Knocksmash and Whirly-Goof aren't present. Instead, we have Trinity Guard and some other fun surprises!

Much like the team attacks and Grand Magic, you get a higher likelihood of triggering one of these action commands when you fill up the bar until it has three arrows.

  1. Press the Triangle on PS4 or Y button on Xbox One to activate the attack.

With this knowledge, you should be better equipped to traverse through all the battles and worlds that Kingdom Hearts throws at you. Be sure to savour the moments that you get unleashing Grand Magic upon your enemies!

Specious Coda-Bishop