How can you track your sleep patterns with Android Wear 2.0 if it doesn't come with a built-in sleep tracker? And why doesn't Android Wear natively feature sleep tracking abilities the way that most fitness bands do?

Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to the second question, but I can help you with your sleep tracking conundrum—especially if the smartwatch you brought home doesn't offer its own sleep tracking app. Try Sleep as Android on for size. It's a full blown sleep tracking app for your smartphone that actively listens as you sleep to determine whether you're sleeping well or hardly at all. The app also offers Android Wear sleep tracking functionality, as well as synchronization with your Google Fit account, and though the wearable app is merely a switch to turn on your phone's sleep tracking feature, it's better than using nothing at all.

  1. Download and install Sleep as Android.
  2. On your Android Wear 2.0 device, launch the Play Store.
  3. Scroll down. Select Sleep by tapping on the download icon.

  4. Once it's installed, go back to the watch's app drawer and select Sleep Tracking.
  5. That's it! The app will start up Sleep as Android's tracking abilities on your smartphone.

Be sure to keep your smartphone nearby or lay it on the bed near you for better sleep tracking results.

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