This is how you take a screenshot on the Blu Vivo Air

Want to take a screenshot on your Blu Vivo Air? Here's how!

Taking a screenshot on the super-slim Blu Vivo Air is incredibly easy: you hold down two buttons. Which two? Glad you asked. Power and volume down. And as it would turn out, both of these buttons are on the left side of the device, and if you're holding the Vivo Air in your left hand, they fall right under your left thumb. So while you can use two of your phalanges to trigger the screenshot, with a bit of practice you can use just your left thumb.

Once you've taken your screenshot, you'll get the standard Android animation of the screenshot followed by a notification that it's being saved and was successfully captured. Pull down the notification drawer and you'll have the option to view or share that screenshot right from there.

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Any screenshots you've taken are dumped into a folder labeled "Screenshots" (kind of obvious now, eh?) that you can access from the Blu Gallery app, Google Photos, or your choice of image viewing app.

And that's it! Press two buttons and then you've got a screenshot to do with as you please.