How soon do you buy a phone after it's released?

Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

The announcement/launch of a new phone is a really exciting time. There's a lot of press and buzz surrounding it, there are plenty of specs and features that weren't available in the previous generation, and a lot of your friends/colleagues are likely talking about that new phone, too.

Being among the first to go out and buy that latest phone release can be awfully tempting, but it's also the most expensive time in a phone's life cycle to purchase it. It may not be as hip or in-style to buy the most current Galaxy or iPhone six months after it came out, but the savings potential from various deals and discounts can be a lot easier on your wallet.

Some of our AC forum members recently got to talking about how soon they buy phones after they're released, and this is what they had to say.

Wandering if anyone has any data about what percentage of flagships are bought more then a year after launch. I always recommend to fam and friends buying a flagship right after its sequel is launched because I feel that's when you get more bang for your buck. How much of the market acts this way? Also it might anecdotally explain why I feel like I never really see the s20 around that much...


Very interesting thread - thank you for posting! I *sort of* follow your notion: I'll buy a flagship maybe six to eight months after its launch. That way, if there are any issues, they will have been fixed by then; or I'll at least know about them and can look elsewhere. I bought my Google Pixel 2 six months after its launch; and my S10 seven months after its launch. However, I do remember...


Funny. I was just telling my wife this morning about how rumors are saying the Note 20 will be more expensive than ever this year. I told her I might upgrade to the S20 after a price drop instead of waiting for the S21/S30. It's pointless to buy a flagship at launch these days.


Two weeks after the S20 launch I bought an unlocked S10+ from BB for $500. Coming out of an S6 I thought my new phone was super fast and I have no regrets having saved over $500.


Now, we want to hear from you! How soon do you buy a phone after it's released?

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  • I usually buy a yr afterwards, although my last 2 phones were bought fairly soon after launch, due to deals.
    My LG6 I bought about 2 months after because TMo offered a bogo deal and my wife needed a new phone anyways. Then I got the S9 about a month after launch because my G6 kept crapping up on me, and after the bootloop issue of a previous LG, I switched to Samsung. While I'd like a new phone, I don't like the $1000+ price. I'm just going to reset my S9 (its been lagging the last 2 months after working flawlessly beforehand) and stick with it for another yr.
  • For the first time I pre-ordered the S10+ when it was released, so will I do that again? No, not really. I think waiting is the best bet and let it work out the kinks. They all have some kind of problem that generally gets worked out with a software update. I feel it's better to wait? Plus within a month or to the discounts start!
  • Immediately if I need a new phone.
  • Between 3-6 months after launch. Plenty of nice deals on Swappa by then.
  • After 3 months or so, after the initial hype dies down, and many of the early release bugs have been fixed.
  • When I'm ready to get a new phone, I generally go for the prior year's flagships. With the prices of phones skyrocketing, manufactures need to improve their support beyond 2 years (i'm looking at you Samsung).