How to replace the base on Google Home

We're finally starting to see more apps and services tie in to Google Home, and the device is finally finding its place in our homes and our lives. That said, in order to let our Google Home fit a little more among our homes and our style, we have another change we can make to Google Home: replace the boring white base with one of Google's more colorful styles.

You can buy a new fabric Base for Google Home for $20 from the Google Store, or the metal variants for $40. Once you've bought one to your liking, replacing the base is quite a simple affair.

How to change the base on your Google Home

  1. Unplug the Google Home from its power cord.


  1. Gently pull the base and top apart with your hands. The magnets holding the base in place should come free with little difficulty.


  1. Minding the cutout for the power plug, slide the new base over the bottom of the Google Home until the magnets lock it into place.


  1. Replug the power cord into the Google Home.

Plug it in, plug it in.

While the metal covers might go with a wider range of decor, being double the price of the fabric models may turn off most users, and for my money, the Marine and Violet are prettier anyway. Whatever color you get, the new covers will allow the Google Home to go from blending into the background to standing out in your living room, kitchen, or whatever room your Google Home calls home.

Base for Google Home

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