How much do you trust Google apps, services, and devices with your privacy?

Google Pixel 5
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One of the reasons that many folks opt for a Pixel over other Android devices is because of Google's commitment to providing multiple years of software and security patches aimed at making your online experience more secure. But how do you feel about the way Google handles your online privacy?

One of our newest AC forum members asked a similar question when considering if the Google Pixel 5 was the best Android phone for them to purchase. Here's what our community had to say.

Hi guys and gals, I am on the point of buying a new mobile, my old Xperia x compact is now 4 years old and showing signs that its ready for retirement. For several reasons, the Pixel 5 is pretty much the only device atm I see fitting for my needs. But the phone being a google device also causes a certain uneasy feeling as for the safety of my data and my privacy. Of course its an Android device...


Hey B. Diddy! Thanks for the warm welcome and your response. I get the same, I still kinda trust google with my data, but with the addendum that I want to stay in control of what I share and what not. If I look up what they know about me, I think I have for the bigger part done a decent job so far. But thats the issue exactly. The link you provided is helpful indeed, but covers Android settings...


Hi welcome to AC! I definitely trust Google with security and one of the reasons i buy their phones , they probably will give Ads that related on such things like web browsing.


Hi Mustang! Thanks for your welcome and your reply as well. I agree with you, when it comes to security in terms of preventing a third party from accessing my data I think google is excellent. We as users are definitely the weakest link there! I'm more worried about the data giant itself.... That they have some sort of backdoor build in their phones that allows them to access my data even though...


For them to get back door data I would think highly unlikely, if you asked me this question 30 years ago and with what I know now , I would say it could be a possibility. They have people , Devs that can exploit things like this today . Google is a big company and wouldn't want that type of bad recognition. That's my take on it , it's your decision what you think is safe for you and go with that...


Now, we want to hear from you — How much do you trust Google apps, services, and devices with your privacy?

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  • I completely trust Google with my data. Why? Because data is their lifeblood. Without it, Google will die. They have the most to lose by having our data compromised. That lends itself to privacy as well. No company prizes data and privacy as much as Google. Apple postures about it as a talking point, but they don’t have nearly as much data at their disposal. They want to protect it, but it doesn’t affect their cash flow like it does Google. A company that has everything to lose will be better at protecting it at all cost.
  • You mean when they sell it or "distribute" not raw data but "trends and indicators" derived from your data. That's OK. Because you think Google keeps that data for themselves and that's how they make money? By storing it in a big box?
  • I trust them more than any other entity out there. I trust them to treat my private data as if they owned it. I trust Google to be Google. If I were not ok with that I couldn't use an Android phone.
  • Not at all! That's why I don't use any Google products, except maps (there's simply no alternative out there). Other than that, every activity is paused, all apps deleted from phone. I'd rather use services where I pay a small fee but have guaranteed privacy!
  • I do trust them more than I trust any other company with my data. Without people's data Google would cease to exist, so protecting their reputation is critical to what they do. I use most of there services. That said I have recently pulled back a little in areas where I don't really need Google.
    I switched my DNS provider to cloudflare and Quad9 and I only allow DNS over tls out of my home network. I migrated from chrome to brave. Which is a little more private.
    And I do not use google or braves password saving tools. I currently use LastPass. I completely disabled even letting my browser brave prompt me from storing passwords. I might look into bitwarden to save a few bucks. LastPass is expensive considering how simple there service is.
    I don't know if I'll self host bitwarden or pay for there hosting services. It's never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one pot, I think pulling back from letting Google store my passwords was the most important step I took to enhance my privacy. In relation to the original post in this article. I don't really think it matters which android device you own. I'm sure his old Sony phone gave Google just as much data as it has Google play services.
  • Does less than zero qualify?
  • Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, all those apps on your phone, Hotmail, etc etc etc all grab your data the second you click yes. Trust them? You are stupid you trust them. Just know there is no way around it if you want to use their products.