There are plenty of perks when you sign up for Amazon Prime, some being more useful than others depending on your needs. One of the most sought-after benefits is Prime shipping — offering its members free 2-day shipping, one-day shipping discounts, and even free same-day delivery in certain areas. Let's take a closer look the shipping savings associated with Amazon Prime.

Free 2-Day Shipping Savings

Exactly how much you can save with Prime's famous free 2-day shipping really boils down to how often you shop for products on Amazon, and if having quick delivery is important to you. Personally, I'll order at least 1 item a week off Amazon, sometimes more, making me a "prime candidate" for this particular benefit. Keeping in mind that not all products offered on Amazon are Prime-eligible, a large chunk of them are, and I'll always make sure that the items I'm shopping for have a Prime logo slapped next to their price tag.

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If I'm paying for the privilege, you can bet I'm taking full advantage of it every chance I get.

A typical 2-day shipping rate is in the ballpark of $10, give or take a couple bucks depending on the carrier. Even if you were to only place 10 orders throughout the entire 12-month period of your Amazon Prime membership, that free 2-day shipping perk has paid for itself. In my case, ordering 1 item a week off Amazon without Prime, would amount to nearly $500 a year in 2-day shipping costs alone. That's a serious chunk of change!

Free Same-Day Shipping Savings

Prime members who reside in select metro areas across the U.S. can qualify for free Same-Day shipping when ordering at least $35 worth of items labeled with the FREE Same-Day icon next to their price. This service requires you to get your order(s) in before the cutoff time — typically 12pm. Prime members who are lucky enough to take advantage of this awesome service are saving big, not only on shipping costs, but also time waiting for your products. You can check if your area qualifies for free Same-Day shipping by hitting-up Amazon and entering your zip code.

One-Day Shipping Discounts

For the rest of us who don't live in an area that qualifies us for Free Same-Day shipping, or you need your package quicker than two days, Amazon Prime also provides huge discounts on One-Day shipping. The discounts of this particular service are determined by the size and weight of the item purchased. With shipping costs as low as $2.99 for this expedited service, it's a huge perk considering the outrageous next-day shipping rates typically offered from other online retailers.

Weekend Delivery — It's a thing.

Many of us aren't used to getting our items shipped to us during the weekend, whether it's Saturday or the most-unlikely, Sunday. Certain items on Amazon may be qualified for weekend delivery using Prime, and you can always verify that by reading the product page and/or during checkout.

Are Amazon Prime's shipping benefits worth its annual cost?

Bottom line: Definitely. Now, it's easy to say that by having an Amazon Prime membership, one might feel more obligated to frequently shop on Amazon. While that's a valid point, it all goes back to what your needs are. Here's a handful of scenarios where Prime's shipping benefits can come in handy:

  • Frequent purchases for business owners
  • Last minute gifts
  • Holiday shopping (without the madness)
  • Household shopping for the busy stay-at-home parent

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