How to measure height in centimeters in Google Fit

Google Fit is an excellent app for tracking all sorts of health data, including your height. If you want to change your height measurements from feet & inches to centimeters, here's what you need to do.

What's used in this guide

How to measure your height in centimeters

  1. Open Google Fit.
  2. Tap the Profile tab at the bottom.
  3. Tap Height.

  1. Tap the arrow next to Feet & Inches.
  2. Tap Centimeters.
  3. Tap OK.

With that done, you've successfully changed your height measurement from feet & inches to centimeters. If you ever want to switch things back, just follow this same process.

What you'll need

Google Fit has been reworked from the ground up with a simpler UI, new activity goals, and more. The app's definitely worth a look even if you've been disappointed by its old version, and as you can see, updating your profile is now easier than ever before.

Joe Maring

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