How many VR rooms can you save in Oculus Quest?

Best answer: It is currently unknown how many rooms can be saved with the Oculus Quest's guardian system, but it appears to be able to easily support dozens of rooms. Since the user has no access to saved rooms, you will have to rely on the Quest to remember for you, and often, you will have to remap the same room again.

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What's up with Oculus Quest's guardian system?

The Oculus Quest guardian system uses a unique passthrough system that lets you draw your playspace over your actual surroundings. During a new play session, the Quest is supposed to recognize the room you're in, and load the previous guardian space from that room. Some of this is still in progress, as it often will not recognize your room. This is likely because something has moved in your room that makes the Quest think it's a new space.

I have found it to be somewhat finicky regarding whether or not it pulls up the correct guardian when starting the Quest. I find the best use is, if you have one playspace you use often, and that room stays fairly consistent, it seems to have no problem bringing up the correct guardian.

Attempting to go from room to room with various guardians set up previously did not seem to work effortlessly. Due to the current inconsistency, it is difficult to determine if there is a maximum amount of rooms the Quest can remember.

The future of Oculus guardians and arena scale

Many of the details regarding the guardian system are still unknown. Specifically, what sort of mechanism is used to map and remember rooms. Oculus has big plans for future development for the Quest's tracking, including what they call arena scale. This is a tracking method that will allow a user to map a space of up to 4000 square feet. This will enable the Quest to be used in large-scale events with potentially many participants.

Their test cases involved large playspaces similar to a paintball arena. Time will tell where Oculus will go with this technology. Currently, even without full consistency of remembering rooms and guardians, the process to map your space is probably the least intrusive of all the VR headsets.

Rick Thayer