How many people can share an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription?

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Best answer: Technically speaking, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is an individual subscription service that is not designed to be shared. However, there may be a way around that if you're comfortable living in a gray area.

What is Amazon Kindle Unlimited?

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Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that grants you access to over one million ebooks, as well as thousands of magazines and audiobooks, all for around $10 per month. You can read or listen to this content on Amazon's Kindle e-readers or Fire tablets, as well as any device with a Kindle app (opens in new tab).

I've been a subscriber for several years and have found many of my favorite books and titles on the service. For example, the entire Harry Potter series is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and reading it this way is way cheaper than purchasing the titles individually. Amazon often runs promotions where you can sign up for multiple months of Kindle Unlimited at a time (two, six, or even 12) for a discounted rater per month. If you're an avid reader, it's a great deal.

How many people can share an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription?

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Unlike the sharing options available to Amazon Prime users through Amazon Households or the subscription services that can be shared such as Amazon Music Unlimited's family plan, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is a recurring subscription service meant to be used by individuals. That means there is no official way to purchase a group or family plan, nor to share it with family members from you Amazon account.

Now technically speaking, you could always share your Amazon Kindle login information with a trusted friend or family member to give them access to your Kindle Unlimited subscription but do so at your own risk. For one, it is against Amazon's terms and conditions, and two, sharing your login will grant whoever has it access to all to your Kindle books and content. This could result in synching issues and general frustration if two or more people are trying to read the same book at the same time.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse membership in our discretion. You may not transfer or assign your membership or any Kindle Unlimited benefits. We may take reasonable actions necessary to prevent fraud, including placing restrictions on the number of titles that can be accessed from the program at any one time. - Amazon support.

Kindle Unlimited isn't the only way to get a great deal on low-cost (or free) e-books and content. In fact, there are a number of services, both Amazon and third-party, that are available if you're looking to read more on a budget.

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