How many Beacons does an eero Mesh router support?

Eero Beacon light
Eero Beacon light (Image credit: Eero)

Best answer: As many as you need. There's no hard limit to the number of Beacons an Eero router can support. That said, Eero recommends taking your home's size, the number of rooms/floors, and other potential sources of interference into account when figuring out how many Beacons to install, as after a certain point you'll likely see diminishing returns.

Within reason, you can add as many Eero beacons as you need

Eero built its mesh network for flexibility and expandability. That means you're free to configure, install, and expand it in whatever way you see fit. It also means that as long as you have at least one Eero Mesh Router, you can add as many new devices as you want. That applies to all eeros, not just Beacons.

There are some caveats here, mind you. For best results, you'll want to ensure each Eero is no more than 50 feet away from another. If that's infeasible, you may want to consider hooking some of your devices up to the Internet via a powerline adapter, which can transmit network signals through electrical wiring. It's a bit more complicated (and requires a lot of cabling), but you can also connect Eero routers to one another via Ethernet cable.

There is such a thing as too many eeros, but it largely depends on your setup.

How many Beacons is too many?

Eero Mesh WiFi System (gen 3)

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Just because your Eero network can support a Beacon in every single electrical outlet, doesn't mean it should.

In order to figure out how many eeros and Beacons you need, you'll have to do a bit of legwork. First, consider your home's square footage. Under ideal conditions, a three-pack of routers can provide coverage for up to 5,000 square feet.

There are certain factors that can influence connectivity and coverage, however.

  • Your home's layout. How many floors are there? How many bedrooms? How big is each room?
  • Building materials. Wireless signals tend to have difficulty transmitting through brick, metal, and concrete, for example.
  • Obstructions such as thick walls or heavy furniture.
  • Number of connected devices. A single Eero is capable of supporting 30-128 devices, depending on bandwidth use.
  • Location of each eero. Try to keep them high-up and in open spaces.

To help you determine your basic setup, Eero provides a helpful survey on its website, which covers everything from ISP to home layout to connection preferences and provides you with a recommendation based on your answer.

Once you've completed your initial setup, we'd recommend adding individual Beacons as-needed to cover 'dead zones' in your network. Every home is unique, so you'll need to experiment a bit here. Consider wandering around with your phone and testing the signal in various spots.

Remember also that eero's not your only option here, and there are other mesh networks which might suit your home better. You also might get more than enough coverage by simply upgrading to one of the best wireless routers.

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