Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is the newest VR headset on the block, delivering a stellar experience with no wires to trip over. But before you can take advantage of everything that the Quest is capable of, you'll need to make sure it's fitted properly on your face. You want a fit that is firm, without being tight. After all, you are going to be wearing this for a while, right?

How to get the best fit with Oculus Quest

  1. Remove your Oculus Quest from the box. You'll also want to remove any stickers on inserts at this time.
  2. With one hand hold your Quest up to your face.
  3. Using your free hand tighten the velcro straps on the left and right side of your head. It should feel firm but not tight.
  4. Using your free hand then tighten the top velcro strap until it is firm against the back of your head.
  5. Remove your hand to ensure that the headset is tight enough against your face.
  6. Adjust your headset up or down to make sure there is minimal light bleed and that it sits comfortably.

How to adjust Oculus Quest for best fit with glasses

For the folks out there who use glasses in order to see, there is another step you'll want to take advantage of. The Oculus Quest includes a plastic piece which will make it more comfortable to wear, and you'll need to install it before playing.

  1. Remove the plastic insert from inside the box. It has an icon of glasses on the top.
  2. Remove the foam insert from your Oculus Quest.
  3. Press the plastic insert onto the foam pad. You'll hear a click when it is correctly attached.
  4. Line up the foam pad with the cutouts around the lenses of the Quest.
  5. Press down firmly to reattach the foam insert into your Quest.

Getting the perfect fit with Oculus Quest is going to differ from person to person. Some folks will need to make sure the top strap is extra secure, while others won't need to worry about it as much. After all, everyone has a different face, which means the headset needs to be readjusted for each person as they get ready to play.

For the best experience you will want a firm fit that doesn't feel tight. If you're new to VR, you want the back of the strap to sit against the lower back of your head. It should sit at the top of your neck and the bottom of your skull. This way the headset's weight is better distributed and not all on the front of your face.

Our top equipment picks

You don't need much of anything to get started with Oculus Quest. That's because the headset and controllers all come together as a package deal. If you love VR and want the next level of freedom when playing, it doesn't get much better than this.

Untethered VR

Oculus Quest

No wires, no tether, no limits

The Oculus Quest delivers the first high-end wireless VR experience. With a headset and controller, you have everything you need to get started in VR in one simple package. Whether you want to explore videos, or enjoy the best VR games out there, this is the headset to do it.

Oculus Quest delivers the most freedom and tons of fun. Whether you're brand new to VR or you've been around the block a few times, this headset will deliver hours of fun.

Enhance your Experience

When it comes to having the best experience possible with Oculus Quest, picking up a few accessories is never a bad idea. Whether you're looking for a more comfortable fit when you're wearing your headset, or you want to make sure you aren't dropping your controllers, you've got some options.

Oculus Quest Foam Interface ($29 at VRCover)

VRCover has delivered a new option for your foam facepad with their interface. You get a foam interface and two wipeable leather foam replacements. They offer up an easier foam pad to clean, and one that is better capable of eliminating light leak.

Quest Deluxe Strap ($19 at Studio Form Creative)

Studio Form Creative's Quest Deluxe Strap offers up a better strap than the top strap that ships with the Oculus Quest. It's made to ensure that the weight of the headset is better distributed, and easier to bear during long gaming sessions.

Mamut Touch Grips ($38 at Mamut)

Holding onto your Oculus Touch controllers while gaming can get difficult if you start to work up a sweat while playing. Mamut's Touch Grips ensure you never have one slip out of hand at the wrong time.

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