How fast is Android 2.2? Froyo reportedly boosts speed by 450 percent

Not that Android is a slouch, but let's face it -- we'd all love a faster operating system. And it looks like may well be getting one in Android 2.2 (aka Froyo), and something to the tune of 450 times percent faster. Android Police managed to snag a build and run some tests, and they show some major  under-the-hood tweaking speeds up non-native apps by the whopping 450 percent. And have we mentioned it's 450 percent faster? We're still a long way (OK, not that long, we should find out a lot more next week) from actually using any of this (let alone seeing it) in the wild. But should all this pan out, it should curb some of those Flash fears. [Android Police]

  • I'd like to point out that "450 times faster" and "450% faster" are not the same thing. 450 times faster would be 45000% faster, or 450% faster would be 4.5 times faster
  • Agreed! So what is it? 450 times or 450%?
  • 450%
  • Math > Phil
  • Yeah I noticed that as soon as I read that first sentence haha. 450x faster would be quite a feat.
  • Actually, not to split hairs, but since 100% faster means double the speed (2x), then 200% faster = 3x, 300% = 4x, 400% = 5x.... So 450% faster really is 5.5 times as fast. Even better!
  • It would probably be 4.5 times faster. That is still great news for Android!
  • yeah 450 times faster would be insanity haha
  • If you read the source story, it states 450% throughout the article. Sounds pretty awesome; I just hope to see it on the EVO at release.
  • Imagine how fast the Chrome OS is going to be. Image how fast Windows would be if the Google developers were able to do some under-the-hood tweaking. Google is lucky to be starting fresh. They are not hamstrung like Microsoft is to support legacy software. Google is coming in right as the software development methodologies, connectivity, and technology are all fairly mature.
  • Add to this that video showing how Flash runs perfectly fine on Froyo! Android's got the hardware and now more optimized software. It's only a matter of time before our phones network together and start hunting for Sarah Conner.
  • Well hopefully with google mucking around with JIT they get it stable and really worth something. I have played around with ROMs on my Droid with JIT enabled and benchmarks do indeed show a marked improvement but in real world performance the is no perceivable gain. I'll see how this works out before getting all giddy.
  • I the incredible is one of the first phones that get it
  • well prolly but wouldnt htc have to do some sense ui tweeting to run smoothly with the new os?
  • The Incredible will not be the first to get any Android updates. HTC will have to tweak each and every one to work with Sense, and it will take at the very least twice as long to release. The Incredible is a great phone, but Sense will ruin any hopes you have of getting 2.2 quickly.
  • What's Samsung's excuse? Or the Droid's excuse? Its a problem plagued by Carriers, which is justified as they would have to be the ones answering the phones if an update breaks something. Palm had it made with being able to produce minor updates because essentially, all their phones are the same. If something broke, they could fix it rather quickly.
  • sorry bro.....that's the disadvantage of having the won't be getting the update very quickly! Nexus One users however will receive it right when Google releases it! im guessing Incredible owners will not get it until about a month or two later (possibly longer)
  • @ grundyman, I doubt it. One of the concerns I have in getting the Inc is that it may take longer to get OS software updates since the HTC Sense UI is on top of Android 2.1. Just look at some of the delays for the other devices in getting 2.1. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.
  • Some of the older devices could really use this software optimization speed boost, even if it turns out to be a somewhat smaller multiplier in practical usage. Granted, if they ever get it... There's enough drama and delay with the 2.1 updates. Still, it makes you wonder what they did under the hood. 4.5 times faster purely from a software update? edit: Wait a minute, I remembered something I've read about. This might have to do something with this:
    What do you think?
  • I want to see these info next to the iphone and current android 2.1 software and see the difference...
  • If that's true, I would unroot my phone for a froyo update and keep it unrooted until someone builds a rom off it. Until then, running cyanogen on a mytouch and loving it.
  • I really hope they release froyo before the next gen iphone comes out. I love my nexus one but the new iphone will definitly be tempting. Hopefully google doesnt drag there feet on this one.
  • Hopefull nobody drags their feet on this one google, htc, or the carriers. Sounds pretty nice, but synthetic benchmarks don't really hold much weight in real world usability. With that being said though, if it's running faster maybe that give flash enough headroom somewhere to run nice an smooth!
  • I'm pumped!
  • Using JIT probably has nothing do to with native applications, like the system layer or Flash player. Those are probably using native code and, as such, not subject to the JIT optimization - that's for a higher level layer (once can say they "already have" those kind of optimizations built in). It'll be great to get the standard apps to run faster though.
  • Well, that's all well and good, but let's hope HTC becomes less "quietly brilliant" and makes some noise by putting out an update for Sense faster than they apparently have in the past. :)
    It's the one reason I wanted the N1 to come out on Verizon.
  • what would be an exapmle of the speed encrease on the n1 with 2.2? If its going to be that much faster does that mean that opening apps would be twice as fast or is it a different kind of speed improvement. I would like some examples so i can go to work tomarrow and brag about how much better android and the n1 are to all the peaple that have the Iphone witch is everyone ( I know thats sad that they cant think outside the box )
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  • This makes me so happy to have a Nexus One right now. Sorry everybody out there getting a phone with Sense UI. Your carrier didn't want to carry the Nexus One so now you have to wait. Call up and complain about it to your service provider and let them know you wanted a Nexus One but they refused to sell a phone that they couldn't rope you into a contract on. Let your voice be heard and all that crap, and make sure you ask for a free month of service. They'll probably say no, but it can't hurt to try now, can it? And what's crazy (to me anyways) is that 2.2 will probably debut before June 4th, when the Evo 4G will arrive with an already outdated version of the OS. Sure it will still be awesome, but 37 Mflops awesome? I doubt it.