The Honor 6X may be cheap in price, but it's an appealing buy precisely because it packs a few features you'd normally see paired with a flagship.

The 6X comes able with a few fingerprint gestures, including the ability to use the rear-facing sensor as a shutter button for the camera app. You can also use it to swipe down on the notifications shade, for those times when you've only got one finger that's mobile. Here's how to enable these gestures and four others.

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How to enable fingerprint gestures on the Honor 6X

  1. Swipe down to reveal the notification shade.
  2. Tap on Shortcuts.
  3. Select Settings.

  4. Scroll down.
  5. Select Fingerprint ID.
  6. Choose which of the Touch and hold gestures and Slide gestures you want enabled.

Now get to gesturin'! Keep in mind that the touch control gestures can be used with any finger, regardless if it's registered to unlock the device. Also, you can choose to have all six gestures enabled at the same time.

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