How to easily sync your iCloud calendar to Android

One app makes it simple to keep using your iCloud calendar on Android

With all the awesome Android devices on the market today, it's perfectly understandable if you're ditching your old iPhone and coming to join us where things are more Google flavored. But, with leaving one ecosystem completely comes the problem of moving all your stuff with it.

iPhone owners may well have relied upon iCloud in a similar manner to Android users relying on Google. Fortunately, there's always something you can do to bring thing with you and here we're going to look at syncing your existing iCloud calendars to your Android device. You need not move it all to Google Calendar since there's a really simple way to carry on using it. Head on past the break to see how.

Thanks to an enterprising developer, Marten Gajda, you can import and two-way sync your iCloud calendars to the stock Calendar app on your Android device. With his app, Smoothsync for Cloud Calendar – grab it from the Play Store at the link up top – it's as easy as entering your iCloud credentials. It is a paid app, but for the ease of use alone it's well worth the outlay. After all, moving over to Google Calendar isn't a suitable option for everyone.

iCloud calendar sync

You enter your account information when you fire it up for the first time, confirm the calendars you want to sync and then tweak the settings to your liking. That easy. There are a wide range of time intervals available to set up for auto-sync, and you're even able to specify whether you want to be able to sync back from your device to iCloud or not. The latest version also supports syncing of iCloud Reminders, too.

Perhaps the best thing about using this app is how it just works in the background. You can always enter it to adjust settings as and when you please, but ultimately you just use your Calendar app as normal. You need to remember to select the right calendar when creating events, but otherwise it's the same exact experience as you'd have as using a Google Calendar on your device.

So, for $2.99 you can keep using your iCloud Calendar with minimal fuss. What this does, it does exceptionally well. For that alone it's well worth checking out if you're looking to keep your calendar's with Apple.

We're always keen to hear your tips and tricks, though. So, if you've got an alternative, or something you think is even better, be sure to drop it into the comments below!

Richard Devine